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  1. The yardstick is 86 and has been adjusted for using the SQ 9.3 sail or sailing 2-up as it should be. "1 up (+3 for 2 up) 8.3 m3 Pin Head Main +3 GRP Hulls +2 Provided for Race Officer’s guidance only. Tentative rating based on limited data – use with caution. SCHRS measurement data is not applicable. Observation of data suggests that there is a wide disparity between light and moderate/heavy air performance, relative to most catamarans" However, there's also an adjustment for foam-core boats which actually weigh the same as my old 2009 boat (#325) as the product was beefed up over time. There are only a handful of foam-core boats in Australia so it does seem a bit strange to penalise a boat which weighs the same as other boats already in use and without any data.
  2. Weta Marine are adopting a 'Weta evolution' approach to keep pace with cutting edge technology while maintaining a One Design ethos. After a number of years of testing we have rolled out some boat upgrades to give the Weta a refresh as we head towards 2020 and beyond. Weta foam core hulls • The new foam hulls fits the same one design rule of all Weta but incorporates improvements in 2017. • Redesigned foam core construction of all three hulls which is both stiffer and lower in weight, improving performance. • The new foam hulls are approximately 12kg (26lb) lighter than the previous production boat. Sailors will find it easier to manage on land - with no negatives on the race course. • Total weight is strictly controlled, now just at the class minimum - so no corrector weights are required for normal class racing. 120kg (265lb) so sits at the minimum in the Weta Class Rules. About the new hulls Interesting to note the original four Weta manufactured in NZ were a foam sandwich construction. The boats are fast and strong and still highly competitive. At the time - it was not an economic option to build production boats this way but the march of technology now means we can share this benefit with all. By removing weight out of the boat while not compromising strength, assembly and moving the boat around on land is so much easier! New Square Top Mainsail (SQ) • The SQ gives more power in light air, excellent downwind but still capable of handling the big breeze that the Weta is famous for. • In testing, this sail has worked very well over a wide wind range. It is fast and provides a nice boost in speed to the Weta in all conditions. About the new SQ Over the years, the main criticism of the Weta has been a lack of performance under 8kts of wind. While no one sail design can accommodate the range of crew weights the new SQ is a highly developed sail: radial cut, square top - all by North Sails. Weta Sailing Options - now even more versatile! • Foam core Weta and SQ - this is a great choice if you are a racer and want a boost in performance especially in mixed fleets. • Foam core Weta and Standard 8.3 main - perfect for the lighter weight sailors or grandad. The foam core Weta is a joy to trail and launch with its lighter weight hull. • Foam core Weta and smaller 6.5 main - perfect for mum or the kids who are lighter weight and want to play in the breeze with unmatchable stability. Great for dad in high wind with full control. • Standard Weta with standard 8.3 main - if you are an explorer or rock hopper then this non-foam cored boat can certainly take a pounding hitting the beaches. Complete the setup with a furling jib for easy sail management. • Standard Weta with Dacron main - this is your perfect sailing school or hire boat. Learn the basics quickly. Simple, safe and plenty of fun.
  3. 52 Wetas are entered in the World Masters Games regatta including 17 from Australia. If you or your club would like a test sail in a Weta, contact Weta Sydney on 0447 215 145
  4. Winner of the 2016 Hobie 16 World Masters and winner of many Australian multihull championships, Rod Waterhouse, will compete in the Weta Trimaran class in the sailing regatta at the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand in April next year. "I was excited to try the Weta after seeing videos online", said Rod. "And after a test of a boat loaned from Weta Sydney I knew I had to do the event." Auckland is the home of the New Zealand-designed Weta and over 1300 Wetas have been sold worldwide since it launched with a splash in 2009. "We're very pleased to see someone of Rod's calibre racing the Weta and hope we can encourage more of his contemporaries to take part", said Roger Kitchen, Director of Weta Marine. "The Australian Weta Team are shipping over a container of boats and there are options to have a new boat delivered in advance or at the Games". The fun, fast, easy Weta 4.4 Trimaran is the high-tech boat everyone can sail and it has recently been selected for Paralympic sailing events by the World Sailing organisation. Expertly made for maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss, whether you’re sailing all out and solo, mixing it up with the family or teaching the kids to sail, the Weta is simple to sail, surprisingly quick, and an absolute ton of fun. For more information visit www.WetaMarine.com The World Masters Games is the largest multi-sport event in the world. In terms of athlete numbers, it is bigger in scale than even the Olympics. Auckland will host the event from 21 to 30 April 2017 during which time 25,000 participants will compete in 28 sports across 48 competition venues. The Games are regarded as the largest event New Zealand will host in at least the next decade. For more information visit www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz. FREE SHIPPING OFFER If you purchase a Weta 4.4 Trimaran in Australia before 1st March 2017, you can join the Australian Weta Team container shipment from Sydney to the World Masters Games regatta which takes place from 23-30th April. Limited spaces available. More information about the Weta and the Australian Weta Team at weta.com.au/wmg
  5. The grommets holding the hiking straps have pulled out of the mesh in the middle of the tramp on one side of my Weta trimaran and I need to add a patch of mesh material to cover the holes but also because I want to change the strap system to more like the H16/H14. With the strap stitched at one end to the tramp edge, through a webbing loop in the centre of the tramp, and then a loop in the webbing at the other end so a line can be fed through the loop and tied off underneath the tramp allowing the length to be adjusted. I'll then use some bungee to keep it taught. Can anyone give me then contact details for a supplier of small amounts of the black polypropylene mesh material in Australia? Thanks Paul
  6. Brand new boat with 2015 design updates and North Sails - ready to launch Conceived and designed in New Zealand, over 1,100 Weta trimarans have been sold worldwide since Weta launched with a splash over 11 years ago. Hand-crafted – this is no “machine-built boat” – the fibreglass/carbon composite construction delivers the perfect pairing of rigidity and lightweight performance. Stow to go in only 20 minutes and it only requires the space of a Laser for storage. Expertly made for maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss, whether you’re sailing all out and solo, mixing it up with the family or teaching the kids to sail, the Weta is simple to sail, surprisingly quick, and an absolute ton of fun. Fun, fast and easy, life's better with a Weta! Over 34? Take a test sail in a Weta in 2016 and win Free Entry to the April 2017 World Masters Games regatta in Auckland, NZ. More at weta.com.au email ausweta@gmail.com or phone 0447 215145
  7. I think one boat you may have overlooked isn't a Cat but a Tri - and that's a Weta 4.4. OK it does have a raised tramp but because the structure is carbon it's light enough to take down the beach (about 120Kg fully rigged) on your own and takes less than 25 minutes to rig (see video). All the components are light enough too as the spars are all carbon and the mast is in two pieces which slot together. There's no boom to worry about either as the mylar sails are fully battened and the furling screecher is great fun off the wind in a blow - and flat enough to use as a "code zero" upwind in the light stuff. It has enough buoyancy for 2 1/2 adults or 200Kg and can be raced one or two up. It planes upwind at around 10 knots of breeze and you can do 20Knots off the wind. But the main point is it's usability as you can take it out in over 30 knots and not get bored or overpowered (34 knots is my max to date) - and if it does go over it's easy to right even in a blow (I know - I've done it). All you do is undo one one of the ports on the end of the floats and let the air out - then right it like a monohull - it takes about 3-5 mins. There's a fleet on Sydney Harbour at Woollarah SC and another at Palm Beach Sailing Club at Pittwater. We also do various regattas and marathon races around the state. See weta.com.au or facebook.com/ausweta
  8. With the introduction of a revised Weta for 2015 combined with a new manufacturer (Australian owned Xtreme Sailing Products in Singapore) and and a new sail supplier (North Sails), the Sydney Weta fleet is getting ready for a packed program of events in Sydney Harbour and around the NSW region. Starting with the Cock of the Harbour Marathon Race (COTH) on 20th October with a course right around Sydney Harbour. The COTH is a Bart's Bash Event organised by Woollahra Sailing Club (WSC) to raise funds for The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation which introduces underprivileged young people to sailing worldwide. After a successful program of events at Pittwater last year, for this season we have organised a Sydney Harbour Weta Championship (also with WSC) - starting on 27th September and then with monthly race days through to March. The Wetas are one of the invited classes included in Sail Sydney from 19-20 December with at least 10 Wetas amongst the 300 small boats expected. We haven’t completely abandoned racing at Pittwater as we’re taking part in the Beware the Bullets regatta on 11th Nov, organised by the excellent Palm Beach Sailing Club, and also the Peter Loft Marathon event organised by Bayview Yacht Racing Club. Featuring a “Le Mans” start the race is a 20km marathon race from Bayview around Lion Island and back - three Wetas were in the top 5 last year - can we repeat the result? Other events include the Jervis Bay Regatta on October 3-4 in the inviting waters of Jervis Bay. The ACT Multihull Regatta on Oct 31 - always a challenge with light to strong winds on the same day and, a new event for the Wetas, the Australia Day Regatta and marathon at Kurnell Catamaran Club. “This season promises to be one of the best ever for the Weta fleet”, said Paul White, “We’ve got a great mixture of events lines up and regular racing on Sydney Harbour will attract more to take part - and there's still a brand new bargain Weta available at $5000 off the 2015 list price” About the Weta 4.4 Trimaran The Weta is the multipurpose premium multihull for maximum fun. Conceived and designed in New Zealand, over 1,000 Weta trimarans have been sold worldwide since Weta launched with a splash over 11 years ago. Hand-crafted – this is no “machine-built boat” – the fibreglass/carbon composite construction delivers the perfect pairing of rigidity and lightweight performance. Expertly made for maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss, whether you’re sailing all out and solo, mixing it up with the family or teaching the kids to sail, the Weta is simple to sail, surprisingly quick, and an absolute ton of fun. Fun, fast and easy, there’s nothing better than a Weta! More at wetamarine.com Weta NSW can be contacted at ausweta@gmail.com Paul White (Sydney) 0447 215 145 Glenn Marney (Nowra) 0401 743 369 More at weta.com.au/ Photo: Trevor Gourlay, Palm Beach Sailing Club
  9. Nice idea and some great sailing areas - plus sheltered refuges if you needed to get out of the wind. However, there's no sheltered inside route for Kayaks which evens up the race in the EC - if it was OTB sailboats only then it would be great.
  10. Brand New Weta Bargains Two brand new yellow Wetas are now available at the bargain price of only $12,900 - that's over $4,000 saving on the 2015 price. Complete with three Gaastra sails, carbon foils, carbon mast and launch trolley. Fun. Fast. Easy - Life's better with a Weta. For more info or a demo sail, contact Glenn Marney at Weta NSW in Nowra on 0401 743 369 or Paul White in Sydney on 0447 215 145
  11. Interesting ideas Slammer - though I'm not sure how NSW Maritime would cope with a race going across their shipping lanes into Port Boatny, Sydney Harbour and Newcastle in small boats. Mobile phones are OK for many things - but battery life is pretty limited if you start using it for GPS racing apps (iRegatta) tracking (RaceQs) navigation/charts apps (like Navionics) and weather apps too. I think a waterproof handheld VHS radio should be a requirement - and you can rent them for the event - e.g http://www.epirbhire.com.au/ Oh, and please can you include OTB Tris as well :-) p.s. There's a similar discussion on the Sailing Anarchy forums
  12. This looks like an interesting way of creating an accurate chart using Google Maps - although it only really works for clear water.
  13. Coolooloi is inside Fraser island (a camping ground just after passing Inskip point). I thought there might be an inside route at Inskip after looking at the Google Earth pics and local Boating chart.
  14. Actually that Gold Coast to Bundabergroute looks more interesting, challenging and safer than a blast up the coast - as it would also give a navigational challenge going up the inside route. And it would also even it out between the kayaks and sailboats. In the EC they put the checkpoints at the inside locations but near an opening to the ocean so you have a choice whether to go inside or outside. It's around 426 km or 230nm and you could divide it into sections for those that can't do the whole thing. Make each section a separate race of max 100nm and then call it a championship! For example: Gold Coast - Bongaree Bongaree - Mooloolaba Mooloolaba - Noosa Noosa - Coolooloi Coolooloi - Hervey Bay Hervey Bay - Bundaberg Inskip point bar doesn't look *too* bad (see chart) - as long as there's not a Southerly blowing - there's an interesting report showing monthly swell and wind averages here - December and March look to be the worst months.