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    80s? Windrush 14 Setup

    Thanks Darcy, You were right. The Jib has a stay with a bridle so I had to use the forestays as side stays. Got on to the windrush association page and had a look through the class rules in tips and info. In the specifications part of the document it has lengths for fore and side stays. Thanks again. Jacob
  2. Hello everyone. So, I bought an old windrush 14 and I'm having real trouble trying to set it up. I have read the manual, but, I don't really understand the terminology, and it seems that the manual has a load of stuff I don't. The first real issue that I have is the mast setup. It seems like there are two side stays, and a forward stay (headsail) that keep the mast up, but when I put it up the mast leans forward about 25 degrees. I can loosen the fore stay and use the main sheet (? the sheet from the back of the boom to the traveller?) to bring the mast up straight (which also brings to boom to horizontal), but then I have loads of slack in the side stays and on the one time I took it sailing the mast moved around alot and I was really worried that the force of the mast was going to put the side stays out. Is there a windrush association in Melbourne? Or is there somewhere I can take it for some help? I'm am dying to take her out sailing. Thanks Jacob