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    Hobie 14. Help needed in rigging

    I have the same problem. When I lived in Australia (1967-2003) I did have a Hobie 14 which I sailed regularly in Port Phillip, Sydney Harbor and between Adelaide and Sydney. At that time i had some helpers with raising the mast. I raised it and somebody else secured the required lines. Now I am 70 and I live in Europe and sail H-14 in Adriatic sea. Great boat, great water. Alas the new design with the pin did not work well. I busted the lip through which the pin should go. So now I am raising the mast by myself and let me describe how. As the mast is not secured with the pin I created and alternative approach. Approximately 1 foot (30 cms) above the bottom of the mast I drilled a hole through which I fitted a longer bolt. The bolt is now protruding on the left and right side of the mast by some 2 inches. I place the mast onto the mast seat and tie it down with one single strap. The mast thus secured I proceed to raise the mast by hand to about 7 feet of the ground. I lift it with the help of two planks joined together as scissors. When i reached the maximum that I can reach i go to the winch fitted to the front of the trailer and start winching the mast upwards into vertical position. When upright I secure the main forward mast cable line to the front and tighten. I always check the actual rake of the mast. I like it angled aft so the boat does not nosedive so much. And I am ready. The fact that there is a safety strap around the bottom of the mast it does not stop swiweling of the mast as required. It only stops the mast from jumping out of the socket...Hope this was help full and good sailing....