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  1. For sale Viper F16 Catamaran - AUS 245 "Boaty McBoatface" The boat is in very good condition and has been well maintained. I’m selling it as it’s just not getting used much. Comes with: 1 set of race sails (main in good condition, jib near new and spinnaker near new) 1 set of training sails (all in useable condition) Heavy & soft battens All ropes upgraded to Liros and only a season old. Full boat cover and hull cradles Registered trailer with a double wide fibreglass sail box Rudders and centreboards in excellent condition with padded covers All rigging only half a season old Boat is located in Sydney, 0438 702 113
  2. Michael

    f16 jib wanted

    Hi mate, I have an old jib that I'd part with. Not the best shape and it's pretty well used but $100 would do. I'm in Sydney but could ship it.
  3. Michael

    4 mm dyneema

    Whitworths do swage wire for you, just give them the eye-to-eye measurement and they will bang out the stays
  4. Michael

    4 mm dyneema

    Any marine chandlery that sells wire will do all of the swages for you. Ring Deckhardware on Monday and talk to either Phil or Mel they will set you straight.
  5. Michael

    4 mm dyneema

    Buy Liros D-Pro XTR from Deckhardware - http://www.deckhardware.com.au/liros-d-pro-xtr-sk99-4mm You could also use normal Liros D-Pro - http://www.deckhardware.com.au/liros-magic-d-pro-sk78-4mm The only thing you'll find with dyneema is that you absolutely MUST splice it and you'll need dyneema specific thimbles to avoid chaffing. Likely you'll also need to run a cover over the dyneema if the sail comes in contact with it. All in all I'd just stay with wire.
  6. Michael

    Rudder Wire Replacement

    One correction to this. DO NOT USE A SCREWDRIVER. Use a flat file or flat piece of steel to hold the spring, as screwdrivers are just asking for trouble.
  7. Michael

    Formula 16 Spinnakers

    What price did you find the Nacra spi for? Goodalls are reasonably priced
  8. Michael

    Beam punching into hull

    Hi Warren, Thanks for the photos, to me it looks fixable though it's not an easy fix. Looking at the photos it's hard to tell whether it has bulkheads or not, though if it does and they are the original bulkheads then they would be glassed in marine ply, which inevitably rots out and all race maintained bulkhead Windies have had them replaced at some point, along with reseating the horizontal foam blocks. There are a few forum members on here that would be able to help you, Paul (forum name "Just One More") or Tony (forum name "Sando") from Port Kembla Sailing Club would likely have contact details for John Van Meegan who would be able to talk you through the best method to replace the bulkheads. Darcy will also likely be able to help and has a wealth of knowledge on all things 14ft cats. Hopefully the fix goes well and you're back on the water soon. Thanks, Michael
  9. Michael

    Beam punching into hull

    Hi Curious George, That doesn't look good at all. The first thing I'd do is get a pair of vice grips and undo the beam bolts (both front & rear bear) then roll the hull under the beam to expose the hull were the beam seats. Upload a photo of the beam seats on both hulls (both front & rear) and we'll have a better idea of what is going wrong. It may just be delamination, which requires a good angle grinding and rebuilding with chop strand fibreglass. Cheers, Michael
  10. Michael

    Nacra 430 in a swell

    Hi Nickopen, I've not sailed a 430 before, though have spent significant time sailing Windrush 14's and sailing any 14ft cat in big waves is always a fun ride, as they just don't have the waterline length to smooth out the ride. A few things I noticed which might make it easier: when bearing away in big wind/swell dropping traveller is good, though also let out more mainsheet as it de-powers the head of the main, in-turn helping you not nose dive ease out the jib, it'll help stop the nose diving also. An easy way of doing this is by adding 15cm of elastic to your trapeze with a ring on the end, thread the jib sheet through the ring on each side and you'll have ready access and control of the jib while on wire without having to bend in/forward. You may need to get a longer jib sheet, depending on how long it is currently. if you plan on staying on wire around the top mark, I'd suggest taking another step back to get the bow out more. Maybe a pair of footstraps or atleast a rear footstrap (if you don't have any already) will help you stay put on wire. Though remember when you are locked into a footstrap, if it's a big nose dive get out of the footstrap as a priority or you'll be seeing the doctor for a broken ankle. while this is not about mark roundings, there is a few points where the luff of the jib is back winding (it's hard to tell your angle to the mark on the layline so you could just be pinching to avoid throwing a few tacks), suggesting you are pointing too high to control how high you fly a hull. Try letting out traveller (1-2inches at first, no more than 6 unless it's blowing your dog Bruiser off his chain) if you are having to point too high to keep the hull down in gusts. This can be easier said than done on a Windrush and I've no idea what the traveller system is like on the 430 (my guess is much better than a design from the 70's). Any way just a few things I've picked up along the way which might help you. Happy Sailing Michael
  11. I'm after a trailer to suit a 16ft Cat, ideally with a sail box. Michael mpfeffer (at) iinet.net.au
  12. Rohan, The factory have never really supported the class in the East (for the years I sailed the class). Really too, for them to spend money on the class it needs to actually make sense economically, it's not like they have an endless pool of cash hanging around. The issue the class faces is that of a MUCH wider problem too. 3yrs ago the NS14's had 70 boats at a nationals in Cronulla, this year they had 36, 2hrs up the road at Teralba. Sound familiar? Also saying you've not had any support is bollocks. I personally was in your warehouse helping you to setup your boat and I helped with a bit of setup/tuning once it was on the water. I even attended a KCC Australia Day regatta a few years ago on your other boat, to "boost" the numbers. On the other side of the coin, that I don't believe you put your hand up to help out with a Nationals in NSW when it was on the cards for 2012, nor did I see you trekking across the Nullarbor in 2010 for the last Nationals? Dad had offered a fly-in fly-out option for any NSW boats too, given our trailer could take 4 boats. "We" as an association back then were also concerned for our personal interests as the association had no insurance and therefore running stand alone events to promote the class was out of the question due to the liability risks. Hence the talk of forming a NSW 14ft Association to spread costs across the wider membership base became a popular topic of debate. Both Dad and I have moved on to other classes because after 15+years in the class, it was time. He'd also been sailing the class year-on-year since 1984. Personally I don't travel to anything other than States or Nationals in my new class because quite simply life gets in the way, I have other priorities and I'll bet that's a common theme.