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  1. Hey Darcy1945, do you have a Hobie 14 turbo tramp by chance?
  2. Lisa3

    Best Sailmaker in Brisbane

    Hi Edwardg2, I'm interested in what others have to suggest. I'm currently waiting for a quote from Hoods sails for a full set of new sails for my Hobie 14, but I haven't yet needed to see anyon for repairs. Lisa
  3. Not my regatta but some of us Hobie sailors are joining in with the local island clubs. Open to all cat sailors. Beautiful part of the bay through the Southern Bay islands (Macleay and Karragarra) to Straddie and back. http://www.thebayislandsgetaway.com/#!special-event-2/c1aey
  4. Hi everyone, anyone know someone with a set of beach rollers or wheels they need to get ridof? Or a retailr that sells them? I'm in Brissy. Cheers, Lisa
  5. Hi! anyone have a set of beach wheels/rollers for my Hobie 14 or know where I can source some? Plan to do some low tide sailing and need to get her back ashore Cheers, Lisa
  6. Lisa3

    Buying first Cat

    Hi everyone, update- I have a boat! Thanks for the info though, Niso. Bought a 14ft Hobie from a sailor who has used it regularly, all gear, good trailer, good sails. It's weel known to a local group of Hobie sailors, so I feel more secure than trying to suss out 'strange' boats So looking forward to out first sail out on the Bay! It'll take a bit of practice before we head out into winds blowing like they are today! Thanks again to all the replies and advice. Much appreciated L.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying either a Hobie 14 or 16 footer, ideally a reasonably priced older boat with registered trailer. Cheers, Lisa
  8. Lisa3

    Buying first Cat

    Thanks Kingy and Darcy, yes I an now very committed to finding a boat with plenty of spare parts. Better to wait, I think. I'm keeping my ear to the ground now for Hobie 16's as well-more plentiful up here, and the H16 social sailors are friendly and full of advice! Perhaps in a year or two some Nacras might drop a little more in price to what I'm looking for. But now that the bug's bit, I don't want to wait. Thanks again for all the help. Cheers, L.
  9. Lisa3

    Buying first Cat

    That break was complete, so only one side of the bracket held. I might be totaly wrong, but I wouldn't want to risk hikinh out on one hull with onyl that side of metal between me, the sea, and no rudder! Bit like that 90s Lemonheads song 'Ship without a Rudder' hahaha.
  10. Lisa3

    Buying first Cat

    Hey Pirate, Sounded good didn't it? Still might. I did go and have a look today. Owner was honest (in that he disclosed by text the only problem was a broken bracket on the port part of the rudder but assured me the rudder itself wasn't broken). No photos of the broken bracket in the Gumtree ad, however. My son took a photo of the broken port bracket on the Calypso rudder/tiller bracket. I just don't know how to upload it here though. Anyone help? I had a look at the boat as much as I could without rigging it (overhead electrical wire to house and no personal knowledge lol). Mainsail was rolled around boom with battens still tied in (not the way we left our sails); jib crumpled and stored in starboard compartments;the jib corner had a large rip so was so 'tatty' it would tear in any decent wind. Port side compartment had large internal repair, like a caesarean line I guess. It did not seem to have extended through hull to external port side however (couldn't feel anything). It was the large rip in the bracket that concerned me. What are thoughts here about that?
  11. Lisa3


  12. Lisa3

    Buying first Cat

    Thanks Matt, that sounds great! Thanks for adding me. I think I might look at the boat tomorrow and if hull and sails look good, seriously might buy unsailed. What do you think? He did say the jib was a bi ratty.
  13. Lisa3

    Buying first Cat

    The Caper seller is fine for me to sail it..when he returns in 2 weeks. Inn the meantime, he will sell to anyone who offers to buy it unsailed. I almost want to say I'll take it.
  14. Lisa3

    Buying first Cat

    Hi Matt, another TwinWater story, huh? I wonder how many others have had the lake as their intro to sailing (or a reminder about how much they've missed it!) Thanks for the Facebook links, I'll take a look, that sounds like great fun. Social sailing (with non competitive races) sounds lots of fun, and the islands are my old stomping ground. I will certainly keep hobie's in mind though. I had a look for Nacras after some of the last posts and there are quite a few around SE Qld, just a little more than I was hoping to pay. I'll keep looking Madaboutcats, yes Gumtree was where I found my two 'duds' lol. In saying that, there looks like a nicely kept Windy at Hervey Bay Just a long drive for a boat that might only look good in the pic though haha. Kingy, I hear you- those in the know are worth more than gold. I just don't like commitment haha. But will see how it goes. There are some learning to sail courses coming up at some local sailing clubs. It would be good for my youngest to learn the basics, then I can suss out the club. Thanks for some more info about Windyys and Maricats Knobblyoldjimbo. Oh, just found this not far from me. In my price range. Any thoughts? I'm gonna ring and see what they say about a sail this weekend http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1076260836 Lisa