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    Nacra 16 square for sale

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    New to the Nacra game

    Hi Winn- Ryder, I would suggest your local OEM for some instructions. otherwise the Australian guide may be of use. http://www.nacra.com.au/support
  3. PRICED TO SELL- Selling to upgrade. Great boat and recently got 3rd place at the nacra national titles and 3rd at the state titles however has won many titles with its previous owners. it is an older boat (#57) but was one of the first of the lighter model 16's. nothing to spend and is a great price that comes with: 1x Brand new square top main (used for nationals) 1x older square top main (used for club racing) 1x pin top main 1x Spinnaker kit 1x new mast (1 season old) 1x new trapeze wires 1x new rigging New Nacra tiller/ cross arm assembly system (1 season old) tramp restitched about 8 months ago bow covers tripod to help raise mast heaps of extras trailer in good condition with two sail boxes.