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  1. Very close to fact I think regarding the hull shape. It was like they took the dimensions of the 14' hulls and stretched them and threw a taller mast on them. The result was a much smoother ride and less hobby-horsing. Lots of room for camping gear. Absolutely the best beach cat around for island hopping, except that in NQ with the big tides and often long shallow beaches, it was a major job to get it to and from the water. There is a Kula 16 for sale on GT at the moment. Ad says "custom", but Matt identified it as a Kula. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/caboolture-south/sail-boats/swap-or-sell-15ft-catamaran-registered-trailer-brilliant-cat/1139302955 Good luck with the CC18 quest. They are a very rare beast! As for the photos...go for it. Sorry they are so old and faded.
  2. Guzzis3, Sounds like you have the sail situation well under control. Russ and Luke at L R Sails at Deception Bay are looking after the Caper and Calypso folk these days and they are great guys to deal with. They made a set of sails for the H18 and they are beautifully cut and excellent workmanship. Matt15 sails Hobies these days, but he did have had a Kula I believe. If he sees this, he might be able to give you some useful info. Here are a couple shots of my mate's Caper 18 on Tinaroo Dam in NQ circa 1980. The hull flying shot was one of a series of it, at the same heel angle all the way from the other side of the lake. The most noticeable difference between it and the 14 is the extra storage hatches in the hulls. The forward ones were the insulated coolers. The sail number suggests that at least 16 were made. I know of one in Melbourne, but would like to know where the others are. He managed to hit power lines while carrying it up from the beach He was holding the rear beam and took the full shock. Luckily, he was with a mate and two nurses. He knocked him off the boat with a huge lump of concrete and the nurses revived him. The mast would have been damaged for sure, but I don't know if it was repaired or not. I must ask him.
  3. guzzis3 Yes, there seems to be a glut of smaller cats on the second hand market at the moment and often, not in very good shape. Caper 14s and Calypso14s and 16s are fairly numerous around these parts (where they were built) and are actively sailed by some dedicated owners. Great boats. While the Caper 14 was on the heavy side, that was more than made up for by the storage and cooler inclusions and they served their owners well in the beach camping roll they were designed for. Because they were not built for racing, they were able to be made more robust, so have survived well. Many years ago, a mate had one of the rare Caper 18s. Although even heavier, it was surprisingly fast and a more stable platform. The Sundance cats were built in SA and were very popular there. The hull shape was ahead of its time and has resurfaced in more modern boats like the smaller Nacras and Euro Hobies. Darrel Barrett designed and built the Sundance 4.3 and 5, then went on to build the very quick Alpha Omega 4.4s, which became the base for his F14 boats. I believe he has built a couple of thousand boats, but few of them have made the journey north unfortunately. I thought seriously about looking for an Alpha Omega, but I really wanted something without boards. Anything but swing boards are a bit of a pain solo. Good luck finding your 12' main. If they are scarce and 14' sails are more available, have you thought of picking up a sail from a 14 and having it cut down to suit? If you are stuck, I could part with the yellow and white sails in the photo. Damp Fantasy comes with the standard pin-head and the later larger pin-head in the photos and I have a new square-top set I had made, so have plenty to choose from.
  4. Guzzis3 The back story is that I bought another Sundance some time ago as a second boat to sail solo. It looks quite good from a distance, but needs quite a bit of work to bring her back to good looks and reliable sailing condition. There have been some dodgy repairs and replacements made by past owners. I stumbled upon Okanui's ad quite by accident and initially thought that his Sundance might at least be good for spare parts for the other. In fact, despite being unused for many years, it is a later model and probably in better condition that the one I have. The deck damage is repairable, but if that proves too difficult, I have another pair of hulls to use for replacements. One way or another, I definitely will be able to make a great little boat out of the two. He has owned Damp Fantasy since new and despite owning other larger boats along the way, couldn't bring himself to part with her until now. I think the process of getting her out and ready for me to view, has given him some pangs of remorse. She is a very pretty boat and worth some TLC to get her on the water again. If you click on my avatar, you'll find pictures of the other Sundance and the H18 I part own with a mate, which was another restoration. I think I will owe Okanui a "nostalgia sail" when she is back in the water!
  5. Mate....Okanui was the seller. We have done a deal and I pick it up shortly.
  6. Hi Steve, I must toddle out to BVSC one weekend and have a look at it. I do know of a guy by the name of Edward/Ted with one in Brisbane. I wonder if that is him?
  7. Ha ha....you lurk everywhere! Room is not the issue Matt. Hiding it from Michelle is. I think she is getting used to it now...didn't flinch when I acquired the H14 for the trailer, or the H16 mast to replace the beams on the Sundance and I even got away cleanly with the Alpha Omega wing mast, so I think I'll still be married. I think.
  8. Hi Okanui, I see you posted this boat for sale over 6 months ago, but by any chance, is it still available? I'm in (near) Brisbane also. Cheers Wayne
  9. telf

    Sundance 4.3 Repairs

    Thanks for the info Ted. My 4.3 needs a bit of work, but I'm determined to turn it into a decent looking and performing cat. The hulls are solid and the rig in pretty good shape...a bit of filling and sanding and a refinish. I have Andy at Redback Sails making a new set of flash square top sails for it. Like you, my biggest problems are with the rudders...lots of wear in the gudgeons, lock-down mechanism and the pivot holes in the blades. I'll have a go at sleeving the holes and fixing it, but if that doesn't work, I have a complete set of Hobie rudders that I think could be made to work. That probably would make Daryl's hair stand on end, but at the end of the day a cat without rudders is a no use to anyone. The other issue is the trailer, running gear, but that can all be sorted with a little money and welding. I don't expect to have the time to devote to it until mid December, so it will be early next year before she hits the water unfortunately. The Barretts went on to design and build the impressive Alpha Omega cats, I guess they were a development of the Sundance cats. Very high performance. This video will get your ginger up! Stay in touch Ted...we'll have to get them both on the water together some time? https://youtu.be/-kiOai0IX7c
  10. telf

    Sundance 4.3 Repairs

    Hi Ted, I'm at Morayfield, near Caboolture and like to sail from Bongaree on Bribie Island and also like Wivenhoe. The lake is close to a 2 hr drive for me, either through Brisbane, or round the back through Kilcoy, so I prefer to camp there for a couple or few days to make the 4 hr round trip worthwhile. There is a young (at heart) guy by the name of Graham who sails Wivenhoe on his Hobie 14 Turbo, (white hulls with red, white and grey sails). He is retired and drives down from Toowoomba to sail there regularly. You are bound to run into him sometime and he is always happy to have company to sail with. Say g'day if you see him. My other boat is a Hobie 18 and I generally sail with a Facebook group "Southeast Queensland Hobie Sailing". It is an informal bunch of social and family sailors who aren't so much into racing. Once or twice a month there is a group sail from a nominated launch point around the bay, or lake. It is also a place where people planning a sail can put their hand up and invite others to join them, or to find crew. It works well, especially from a safety aspect when sailing in the bay. That isn't going to work well for us, since as far as I know, we have the only Sundance cats around Brisvegas.
  11. telf

    Sundance 4.3 Repairs

    Thanks for the advice madaboutcats. I remember the Sundance cats back in the day when they were in all the cat sailing mags. I was on a H16 back then, but really liked the designs, so was very happy to be able to pick one up, unfortunately a bit near their use-by date. Should be fun! From an ex Sundance 4.3 sailor, how do they perform against say, a H14T? The racing ratings don't look too flash, but I suspect they might be quicker than they appear on paper? Cheers! P.S. Mast rake. Should it be vertical of raked would you say?
  12. Afraid so Darcy, but thanks for the thought.
  13. telf

    Sundance 4.3 Repairs

    Thanks very much for the info "madaboutcats". There is a cast metal piece under the lip, but I suspect it may have been moved with the stay. I was hoping to find another owner who would be kind enough to measure their cat and say the side stay is x cm aft of the main beam and the bridle attachment is y cm from the bow, so I can have new stays made to connect to the correct position. I have sent an email a week ago to Darryl at The Fiberglass Factory, asking about availability of parts, but haven't had a reply as yet. Maybe they're a bit busy. Thanks again...much appreciated.
  14. North of Brisbane Darcy?
  15. Hi all. I originally posted this to the bottom of another Sundance thread, then realised it was probably not the proper place for it. I have recently purchased a pretty little Sundance 4.3, because the H18 is a bit of a handful to rig and sail solo and because I know I would never be able to right it if it went over. The Sundance isn't in bad shape for its age (thanks Darryl), but previous owners have done some "interesting" things to the rigging. As far as I know, the forestay bridle should attach to the inner hull lips about a foot back from the bows. This one has them attached to the very tip of the bows, Hobie 14/16 style, to a saddle. There are two other pair of holes in about the correct position. Can anyone tell me how far back from the bow the correct position is? The side stays are similar. They also attach to saddles bolted throughout the hull join lip, but there is evidence of a single hole a little further aft. Is that likely to be the original position of the side stay, or might it have been a hole for trapeze bungee location? How far aft of the forward cross beam should this point be? Should there be a hook and ring at the top of the mast to lock the main, or is the bitter end meant to tie off at the bottom of the mast as it currently does? Any tips on rigging and sailing would be most welcome....as would the proper stay and bridle wire lengths. It doesn't appear that these stay attachment points have been moved because of damage, but rather, to adapt to different length stays. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers telf