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  1. Sail no. 36348

    Dart 16 ?

    My son weight 63kg and is 13 years old can he handle a dart 16
  2. Sail no. 36348

    Help buying cats plz

    Does anyone know where I can buy any of the following boats in the uk Dart 12 Nacre 350 or 430 New cat 12 Twincat13 Or any similar
  3. Sail no. 36348

    Help buying Nara in the UK

    Does anyone know where I can buy a nacre 350 or 430 in the uk
  4. Sail no. 36348

    Nacra 350 For Sale

    Can u pots to the UK?
  5. Sail no. 36348

    Which cat for my son?

    Hi My 13 year old son wants to start cat sailing he weighs around 60kg and wants a catamaran that will get him a lot of speed but that will be controllable. What cat do u all sujest? Thanks for all your help guys.