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  1. Mattgl


    Hey Darcy that's great, I'll give you a call and proceed! that sounds great cheers Matt
  2. Mattgl

    Hobie 16 Main sail wanted!

    HI Matt15, might be interested in that main sail - do you still have it available? heers Matt
  3. Mattgl


    HI guys, I have acquired a second hobie 16 locally! It is in pretty good condition and I would love to get it going again. I am missing a few parts so thought I would ask around - The boat needs 1 left rudder blade 1 left rudder casting upper and lower. tiller Main sail. Are there any interchangable parts with other cats (Mari/ windy/ caper) or h14/17/18 or would all parts have to come from a H16.. Other option is to sell what I've got left over, H16 trailer (GC) H16 hull (GC) H16 right rudder/ casting upper and lower, cam H16 boom H16 mast H16 jib Just thought I'd put the feelers out to see if I could either source the parts to get it going? or if anyone was interested in taking on the project, or interested in any of the parts?. that and my wife would probably kill me if I came home with another H16 for parts!!! Thanks Matt
  4. Mattgl

    Hobie 16 Main sail wanted!

    Thanks guys I'll stick to the social sails for now! What sort of age would your sail be Matt15?
  5. HI Victorian Hobie 16 sailor in need of a Hobie 16 main sail, just ripped mine :( thanks Matt
  6. Mattgl

    H14/16 rigs, rudders and bits, cheap

    HI Darcy. Do you still have the H16 main sail? just ripped mine:( cheers Matt
  7. Hi Martin, Just checking, do you have a Hobie 16 main sail by any chance? cheers Matt