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  1. toasthall

    Pylon repairs

    Thanks Eragon, I have read that link a few times before. They talk about some inserts available from Europe but I haven't been able to find out any information. What I am leaning towards is cutting off the corroded pylon section and finding some tubing that will slide inside and bolt that to the remainder of the pylon. If i can find someone willing to cut up a Hobiecat 14 mast I will bolt that on too so the profile is the same otherwise i will bolt the rail corners through the tubing with suitable reinforcement of the inside of the tube where the bolts go through. Cheers, Dale
  2. toasthall

    Pylon repairs

    Hi, So I have recently acquired a Hobie 16 (pre 1973 from what I can tell). It needed and new mast step which I have managed to source, but the front pylons are corroded. I am wondering if anyone can suggest how to repair them? My thought was to: a) get some aluminium sheet and bend it to shape then braze it on. b) find some aluminium tubing that will fit inside the existing pylons and braze it on and silicon the gaps c) see if someone has the right aluminium profile (hobie 14 mast?) they can cut some lengths off for me that I can then braze on. Any thoughts? Cheers, Dale