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  1. Gregor

    WANTED - Hobie 16 Mast

    Thanks Darcy, but I found a mast last weekend - see above. I noticed that there is an items sold section. Do you know how I can mark this topic as sold? Greg
  2. Gregor

    Hobie 16 Mast Wanted

    Bought one off a guy in Wollongong on Saturday. Had a Wanted ad in Gumtree. I will feel a bit safer in high winds now.
  3. Gregor

    WANTED - Hobie 16 Mast

    Thanks for the offer, but I picked one up on Saturday from Wollongong. Cant imagine where I would start to organise freight (for a mast) from Brisbane to Sydney. Greg
  4. Hi Darcy, these wheels are 420mm wide by 400mm high when inflated. the axel doesn't go right through, just fits into the end of the wheel when iflated - see pic above. It wouldn't be too hard to replace the axel with full length, as long as wheels are around the same size to fit in the frame.
  5. Was hoping for a bit cheaper as I already have a set, just with a buggered wheel. Can't seem to find replacement wheels, but can replace with 4 wheelbarrow wheels (2 each side) from eBay for around $100. Not exactly rolling in cash after buying the boat, wetsuits, life jackets, all new sheets etc. Still got a few purchases to go too.
  6. Thanks Darcy, but I have the H16, just need the beach wheels. if he has wheels which he would sell separately I would be keen. Greg 0414 277 270
  7. Do you still have the Hobie 16 mast?
  8. Gregor

    Hobie 16 Mast Wanted

    Sorry, should have added a location. I am in Sydney. Most is cosmetic, but a few fairly deep craters, with one hole of about 5mm diameter between the top and where the stays join on. I believe that while the rest of the cat was garaged all of its life, the mast was left out in the weather. Possibly directly on the ground. I'm sure it will be OK for moderate winds, but am a bit worried about high winds.
  9. As the title says. I'm in Sydney, but can travel to collect if the right price. Greg
  10. As the title says. I'm in Sydney, but can travel to collect if the right price. Greg
  11. Mast wanted for Hobie 16. I'm in Sydney, but don't mind travelling a couple of hours if the price is right. If anyone has suggestions on other places to look for one, your suggestions are most welcome. Note: I have also posted in the Hobie 16 section before I realised that there was a specific for sale section. Greg
  12. Gregor

    Hobie 16 Mast Wanted

    Just bought a H16 in great condition for its age. 30 years old and always garaged. The mast has been left outside and has a lot of pitting on it. Its the entire length of one side only, with a couple of holes right the way through. I'm guessing it was a stainless/aluminium reaction. So I'm after a new mast. Any suggestions where else I should be looking? Do second hand masts come up for sale often, or am I going to have to look at buying something new? Greg (a newbie)
  13. Gregor

    Launching in Sydney Harbour

    As this topic is going back a few years, has anyone got any updates on this? Just purchased a hobie 16, but didn't really think about where I could launch/sail it. Im in the north west of Sydney, so was thinking the harbour ( east of Rhodes/Ryde bridge) Might be ok. Spent 3 hours checking out spots today and found bugger all. Concord/Ryde sailing club didn't appear to have any beach launching area wher you could get a trailer in. Has anyone launched in the harbour around palm beach? Are Balmoral and Clontarf still Ok? A lot can change in a few years. Any other suggestions?
  14. I made a purchase today. It's circa 1985, but the guy I bought it off has kept it in pristine condition. It spent most of its life covered with a tarp inside a garage. Shes a 30 year old boat, but only looks a couple of years old (apart from the clear anodized aluminum). spars and pylons as new, but mast has a fair bit of pitting. This was the only thing that was left in the weather. Hopefully it won't weaken the meat too much. Thanks Darcy for the tip, but I don't think I will be needing John for this one.
  15. I'm wanting to buy a Hobie 16 and am looking for some advise on what to look for when inspecting the boat. I am not planning on racing, just want a boat for a bit of fun sailing once a month, but don't want to buy a lemon which is going to keep costing me money. The 2 that I have looked at so far (both under $1500) have both had soft spots on the top of the hulls, just forward of the front pylons. From what I have read, I should steer clear of these. Not too sure if this is caused by stress on the hulls (due to being sailed a lot / in rough conditions), being left out in the elements, or just old age. Many of the sellers aren't too sure of the age. Are there certain things to look out for which would indicate the approximate age? Any advise on what to keep an eye out for would be much appreciated. Also what I would expect to pay for a Hobie 16 that would suit my needs. Greg