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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has or knows of a second hand racing sail that is for sale. Thank You
  2. Krissy

    Turnbuckle thickness

    Great thanks Darcy. Does the gradeof stainless steel really matter?
  3. Krissy

    Mk1 and Mk2 renovations

    To rake my mast I put a 5 cent coin under the mast. Ropes can get caught in the Mk1 traveller set up
  4. Krissy

    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    Movement of travel is only a little annoying but I dislike how the ropes get caught in the gap. So I am 60 kilos which sail would be best suited to me?
  5. Krissy

    Mk2 rear beam on a Mk1

    Ohhh Damianc I feel your pain. I hate my Mk1 travel system as well. How much would a Mk 2 one cost Darcy and do you have a tramp going as well or would it be best to ask if you have a Mk2 for sale, or know of one?
  6. Hi, Just wondering what thickness my turnbuckle should be on the dolphin striker and should I get a jaw one or a eye? On the weekend I had my current turnbuckle bust just under the the eye and it would not even be 2 year old. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  7. Krissy

    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    Ok then so the only thing that really annoys me about my boat is the traveller mk1 set up. Is it easier enough to replace that? In saying that the tramp is getting tired. Ohh sails, yes please tell me more. I would like a racing one please.
  8. Krissy

    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    Any more foamie available Darcy? I think I need one
  9. Only 1 week to go until Yarrawonga Yacht Clubs Regatta. One of the best sailing venues in Aus. Just have a look at this video if you need proof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9_0wIpf3v0&t=21s
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9_0wIpf3v0
  11. We are having our Regatta on Anzac weekend 2018 at Yarrawonga Yacht club. . Enjoy two days of sailing on inland Australia’s premier constant level lake for all yacht classes while camping close to the water’s edge! Saturday April 28 2018 Sunday April 29 2018 Breakfast meals, lunch salad rolls and fruit available from our fully staffed commercial kitchen. Evening meals available with bar sales and free transport to local clubs. Registration onsite from 9am Saturday. Racing: Up to 8 races Saturday April 28 2018: Races commencing at first warning 1257 Sunday April 29 2018: Races commencing at first warning at 0857 Presentation of trophies at 1400 Entry Fees (GST Inc) Seniors: $50. $5 for each crew Juniors: $10 Per Race: $10 Facilities Fee: $10 per person or family per night
  12. No doubt about it I love sailing with the racing sail but I cant put them up unfortunately. Thats a good idea knobbly or I could just move my mast back even though I do love the rake as I can get closer to the wind. Ohhh such decisions. I actually moved my block back before I sailed last time and it was shocking. The tiler kept hitting the block. So I have moved it forward and I will see how that goes.
  13. Funny you say that I read this just after I finished sowing a new rope into the sail. I have a friend that helps me and he is a frail old skinny fella he pulls on the halyard and I line her up with both hands and we struggle after half way. I love having a rake on my mast but because my old sail is so floppy the blocks hit each other so I cant go full throttle. Haa haaa Might take some tools to sailing after the race I might change where the block is on the boom hopefully this helps. If not is there a style of racing sail that I could get that wont be hard to pull up the mast? Would love to buy a 2nd hand one but if I have to get one made then so be it
  14. What no Southern Comfort. Haaa haaaa I wont have to worry about prizes at least for another few years. That sounds great. Will give it some serious thought. I gave up on the racing sail that I was going to buy. I tried everything you guys suggested and I also loosened off every batan just to see if that made a difference and once it got half way up the mast it was extremely tough to pull up any further, for a woman any how. I class myself strong for my breed but compared to a man I am weak. So best if I stick to my old floppy worn out rainbow sail that goes up the mast with one finger of pressure. It has actually scared me off getting another sail all together in case they are all that hard to get up the mast. Its a lot of money to spend on getting one made if that will happen again.I am spewing as the radical sail was awesome to sail with. Thanks for all your help any how. Happy Sailing.