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  1. Aaron like your design am designing one similar at 6m plan to use a hobie 16 rig.have you fitted centreboard in the AMA. Shipwright
  2. shipwright

    Baech Wheels

    Hi Troops can anyone advise where I can buy moulded yellow beach wheels/
  3. shipwright

    Hobie 16 Sails

    Hi Troops: Am designing a new Tri at 5.63m ,Thought the sailplan of Hobie 16 is close to sailplan enviged. Can anyone help with Luff and Foot dimensions for main and luff-foot leech dimensions for jib.?
  4. shipwright

    Kitty Cat

    Knobblypldjimbo:Thanks for info mate I do not get south of the border much anymore. Shipwright.
  5. shipwright

    cat righting

    Madaboutcats: Thanks for that mate. Shipwright
  6. shipwright

    cat righting

    madaboutcats:thanks interest,anychance you could draw a sketch of and email to nelsonshipdesign392@gmail.com Many thanks Shipwright
  7. shipwright

    Kitty Cat

    knobblyoldjimbo. Thanks for reply,sailed a kitty a couple of times but no not really interested in building one either the chine version or carvel version, yes i did find a fair bit of data on google. not to sure where mannering park is. I am at top end of Gold Coast. Shipwright.
  8. shipwright

    Kitty Cat

    Hi Troops: was discussing older designs with a mate the other night and the Kitty Cat came up,last i heard they still had a fleet racing in Western Australia. Does any one have any news or info on this design?
  9. shipwright

    cat righting

    madaboutcats. not a bad idea. i am thinking pole under tramp but roped around beam to base of mast,have i got that right? Shipwright
  10. shipwright

    HYDRA-Chapter 3

    John Thanks for comment, need some warmer weather to launch, probably 4 weeks. Shipwright.
  11. shipwright

    HYDRA-Chapter 3

    Hi Troops. I should have known from experience when to build a new boat instead of refitting an old one. especially an out of date boat, On the other hand the hull design is technically very good, but costs mount up and soon get out of hand. The grandkids want to learn to sail, so pulled the old boat out of the paddock cleaned off the mould. needed a new tramp,new headsail,replaced wire rigging and all sheet ropes,new deck spinouts. replaced rudders, repaired centreboards. i am just about there,hull needs repainting but i will let that go until i see how she goes. A good trailer (i thought) pulled the wheels off to replace tyres and found the rims to corroded,cheaper to buy new wheels tyres and bearings. Then looked a bit harder at axle-buggered. aft cross beam corroded under light box so will cut this out and weld in a new section. Just lucky i can do all repairs myself. Re: tight bolt rope in mast track ,old sailmaker suggested using dish washing detergent,paint on bolt rope as you pull up sail,worked great. To embarrest to tell you what the bill is. Shipwright.
  12. shipwright

    Is this a Hawke surfcat?

    Rod C hi. that is an interesting cat,should motor along,what did you have to do to get in the water? Shipwright
  13. shipwright


    Hi Troops. Mate of mine told me he has a Panther Cat, Midge Farrely. anyone have any info on Panther. Shipwright
  14. shipwright

    Building a new Mosquito "Raw Prawn"

    Damo hull looks good ,where are you making her? Shipwright
  15. shipwright

    Hydra Moulds

    Darcy1945. met Warren at cat factory he had a pair of rudder blades ,picked up a new trap harness. he was saying the last Hydra was built in 1982, it is surprising to see a few still afloat. re : over capitilizing, you just can not stop when you start. pulled the wheels of the trailer ostensibly to fixe a flat the wheels were history,do not think I have see corrosion this bad . was cheaper to buy 2 new wheels-bearings tyres. Shipwright.