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    Calypso 16 mast

    Thanks very much l will get onto it cheers. got the boat home today l will get on the other site and see what l can find out there..
  2. Hi everyone l am about to Purchase a Calypso 16, mast has a ding on the leading edge and a slight bend to go with it so l am looking at getting a seconds or having to replace..any ideas would be great,,thanks
  3. peter wild

    Foam in hull repair

    Thank's again Quin, good to know that with some time and effort l will end up with reasonable hull's..do l have to remove the beams to find the number? is there a standard of hatch size for the front and rear replacement.. buy them before cutting holes. and again thank's for your time..l will get on with the foam repairs first and complete,,don't want to drive you mad with to many Questions,, l will work on it in stages thanks.. 3
  4. peter wild

    Foam in hull repair

    Hi there...there is fiberglass tape fixed to the foam that has separated from the hull so most of the foam is loose at this stage.. Can't find any numbers on the castings.. the sail number and also on the rear beam 4547... name on boat CYRANO 11. Not that that will help much but sail Number might help with age..cheers and yes they may have used epoxy on the tape on the foam because it is yellow like epoxy goes..cheers. l will post a pic..
  5. peter wild

    Foam in hull repair

    Thank's Quin that is a great idea Sikaflex 291 is that the stuff? with the new hatch up the front will it be ok to put it in behind the front beam.. the glassing of the crossbeams upside down l will also attempt as it looks and feels quiet weak it that area, the glass is still attached to the foam as far as l can see so there is a good surface to pump the sika down onto... cheers and thanks again for your help..
  6. peter wild

    Foam in hull repair

    l Found an old post where they jammed closed cell round pool float sticks on on top of the loose foam to stiffen up the hulls..
  7. peter wild

    Foam in hull repair

    Hi all this is the first time on this site so unsure of the process.. l am fixing up an old glass 1980? windrush super sloop.. the foam blocks in the hull have come unstuck so the sides can flex unless they are jammed down, any ideas would be great,,