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  1. I should also mention, folks ... my modifications to the boat won't prevent it from sailing. I'll fit infrastructure onto the hulls which can all be removed, so the boat can be returned to sailing when I'm done with it if need be. I'm also an ex-Mosquito sailor and a Farrier trimaran sailor, amongst other things. I'm becoming intrigued by solar powered electric propulsion on boats, as a complement to wind power. This modified boat will enable me to explore this in a practical way.
  2. Hi all, New here. I'm looking to buy a largish cat (around 18' with reasonable internal hull volume / buoyancy ... maybe a Stingray) and trailer but don't need the rig. I'm planning something quite different with it. Years ago I paddled down the River Murray on a kayak, and I'm keen to have another adventure with my young son. I plan to build a platform on the hulls to live and sleep on, have a raised roof for shade and to hold a solar PV array, then have batteries and an electric outboard motor. This type of craft will be able to travel about 70nm in summer months, enabling all sorts of adventures. Does anyone have a cheap old boat which might be suitable? It needs to be reasonably sound, but it won't have the stresses and strains upon it that sailing would impose. I'm in Adelaide so something in SA would be a bonus for ease of logistics. Cheers! Arnoo