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    Tramp tension

    I've bought a Mk1 and the previous owner put a new Mk2 tramp on it... it was floppy as a floppy thing because the Mk2 tramp is longer than the Mk1, and he'd just tied rope through the holes in the back of the tramp... no conduit in the sleeve. I had to get it shortened and then re-fit it. To get maximum tension I put conduit in the sleeve and used zip-ties to pull the sleeved conduit tight against the rear beam before threading the rope through and tying off tightly and then cutting the zip-ties loose. End result was a drum tight tramp.
  2. I'm a bit of a newby so take what I say with a grain of salt. Below regarding modifications from the Maricat Constitution and Rules document: HULLS Shall be of fibreglass reinforced polyester material including fibreglass reinforced polyester with foam sandwich construction and shall be to registered design specifications. No modification to shape is allowed. The "Maricat 4.3" emblem on the side of the hull is an integral part of the boat and is therefore not classified as advertising. The emblem is not obligatory. And under equipment specifications: m) General i. Quick connecting couplings maybe used where ever required ii. Unless specifically mentioned within these rules no other modifications or alterations from standard production and specifications are permitted without the approval of the Maricat Association. Therefore consult the Class Measurer for a ruling before making any other modifications or alterations. In case of a dispute on a ruling, an application for final ruling must be made to the full Association committee, A minimum of 14 days notice is required for a ruling by the committee. From Appendix 1: There will not be any changes to: a. Hull shape b. Sail shape and area c. mast length and section d. boom length and section e. style of rigging f. rudder blade shape and size g. halyard and lock arrangement h. sail fabric and weight So with all of the above, my interpretation is: You aren't altering the shape of the Hulls, or the style of rigging (just the material for the bow blocks) so I can't see why not. But, I'd seek approval from the Class Measurer for a final ruling before making the modifiacitons - pretty sure Darcy is the Class Measurer? or at least he's named on the Maricat Association website as such. Cheers Mossy
  3. cool - calling momentarily
  4. I'm guessing this is pretty common based on how old the 4.3's are now. I've got a broken rudder lever clip and have seen a Maricat converted to have a rope/cleat arrangement. I kind of like the lever & clip approach so I've been mucking around with 3D printing replacement clips. I've attached the CAD image of my 6th version, have had to design from scratch because I don't have a 3D scanner, this one's a mix of the 2 different clips I have on the boat (one is broken). I've put my 3rd version on the boat and will be testing them out in Eden in the week coming up to Aus Day, am having to experiment with how I print them. The 3rd version that I've installed had printed holes which didn't quite line up with the rivet holes on the rudder lever block on one side so when I riveted it on it pulled the clip and split it along one of the layers. Testing in the garage it still works with only one rivet holding it on, but I'm now printing 2 pairs of the version 6 clips in different orientations to see which will provide the right mix of clipping strength and flexibility as well as a strong base for riveting to the lever block. I've also deleted the holes so they can be drilled to suit the existing holes (which are a little uneven). I've attached an image of the Print Layout as well, I'm printing in ABS because it's what I've got and what I'm becoming used to printing with, prints should be finished by around 9pm tonight.
  5. Sorry about the slow reply, was away over Christmas. @Pointed Reply - if you could email the PDF to: somelad75@yahoo.com.au I'd be eternally grateful and happy to buy you a beer at the CYC. Where abouts over the hill are you from Canberra? Sounds like you could be pretty close by? Will have a look at the CYC regatta on the 4th, would be great to have a look at your spare sail - it's not for sale is it?
  6. Thanks for the tips/opinions. @Pointed Reply I'm based just outside of Canberra, little place called Googong - has a decent water catchment dam to sail on. So far I've sailed on Googona Dam (1st sail - gentle conditions with wife and 7yo son on board), Lake Burley Griffin (2nd sail - minimal wind, was more going out for a float than a sail) and Carcoar Dam (3rd sail - Maricat Regatta, storm conditions no idea how I didn't turtle it). I'd love a copy of the sail drawings, I've been Googling but haven't been able to find Appendix 2 to the class rules which apparently covers sail dimensions/measurements. Would be very grateful if you could share, it'll make sending measurements off for a quote from China easier. @Badgered Cat The cost comparison between good second hand sails, like the set you bought (the look awesome on your 4.3 by the way), and a new set from China is what I'm trying to find. I'm leaning toward finding a second hand set as they're a known quantity, but if the Chinese price comes in favourably it's worth consideration. @knobblyoldjimbo I've been doing some research on cross cut vs. tri-radial, there's some really good info on the redhead sails website. Most of it is to do with the papertiger sail development they did but it's interesting reading. From what I've read, I'd rather go for a radial design... this could play in my decision whether to buy second hand local or Chinese import. Regarding battens: Am I correct to assume that if I go for a radial sail design I wouldn't be able to re-use my battens? If I can re-use the battens it may help keep shipping costs down, but if it's not an option to change from cross cut to radial without needing new battens it may not be worth it. Cheers Mossy
  7. Hi there, I've recently bought an old Maricat 4.3 and the main is looking a little worn. I've been toying with the idea of a new main sail and am curious if anyone has had any experience with getting sails made in China. I've read excellent reviews on Redhead Sails but seeing as second hand Redhead main sales seem to be selling for ~$800 (more than what I paid for the old girl with trailer) I'm looking at alternatives that may be more budget friendly. Has anyone ever dealt with these guys: http://www.fareastsails.com/Contact.html Cheers Mossy