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    Is this a Hawke surfcat?

    The Hawke Surfcat was designed by Len And Peter Hawke with Ron Hansen. It was released in 1971. Ten years before that the brothers had joined two of their Malibu boards side by side, place a sail on it. The Hawke Surfcat was also made under licence in Europe, and exported to over 53 countries in the world, with over 15 000 made in Australia. It also was the recipient of the Australian design Award. The Surfcat was even flopped( copied) on a few occasions in Victoria and NSW. The Surfcat was design for family fun and is one of the only ones that is capable of surfing. The rigging and sails where kept inexpensive as to keep a level playing field on race day. Just a few facts. Oh yeah, at the height of Surfcat/Catamaran racing in the 80's the Hawke cat had a handicap of 1 min from the Windrush 14 which was released in 74. Not bad for a Surfcat that was only designed for family fun and Surfing.