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  1. I've just bought a Dragonfly 8m swing wing, ( very damaged, which isn't a problem in it's self with 50 years sailing and fibreglass experience), but I wonder what stops it folding, The safety nets are not cut on the diagonal so I assume they don't take the strain, the diagonal 'preventer' pole seams too small to take all the load, so I assume the ropes used to fold it up take the strain. Can anyone confirm this and is there a 'rope plan' available. The wonderful Coast Guard Guys cut ropes as this is quicker to effect a resque. Also while I've got your undivided attention, how long does the dagger board 'handle' have to be, I am going to check where the case is supported and know I can't go much lower than that, but the board already has longitudinal? ( not arthwartship?) hairline cracks so I expect it to break some time hopefully after I've built a new one, but lots of other priorities at the moment. P.S. I have a mould for the 8m Dragonfly, and all the bits required if any one is interested? I'd still love a model of same.
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    Dear Sir, I write to ask for your help with the following if any of your members are interested. Do YOU want to BUILD or REPAIR your own CANOE, KAYAK, DINGHY, SKI, ICEBOX, foils even MODEL BOATS or entry level, MULTHULL 6 to 8 m. I need HELP finishing projects (so they don't go to landfill) I have factory, experience, knowledge, materials, moulds and ideas to modernize. Ex small business, now not for profit. Thisability pensioner, sick of working alone. Happy to help with your project, in exchange for your help and use of moulds. Would suit someone retired, wanting to learn more aboat fibreglass, or unemployed. or just loves 'messing aboat with boats'. Lots of boats (some free or cheap) and moulds and ideas. Brisbane Bayside, Redlands.
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    Help Identify this Cat

    Dear Grynder 53, (hope that isn't your DOB, or you must be an old bugger like me). If possible I would love a beam overall (hulls) and extender racks measurements please. The hull and mould I have has been modified (by me) to add more forefoot, greater waterline length and forward bouyancy, and less bustle? at the stern for more bouyance and less down force (drag). As mentioned I am putting a camper deck, modified from a Caper cat 18' with caper 14' decks (tri). Also to use up some spare parts I'm making it a foiler, witch doesn't go with the camping theme but what the hell, should be fun. AS I mentioned it's a very powerful hull and will carry weight well, forward if your rear beam hits waves. Hope interested in this burble, 'happy xmas' cheers 'B J'
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    Help Identify this Cat

    I believe this cat is an Apollo 21' (6 M 50mm) i have a modified the mould and i'm putting a Camper deck on, also making it into a foiler tri. Lots of other projects, at Brisbane Bayside, Redlands very powerful hull. See other forums under; MARINE PROJECTS Help wanted. 45 years sailing and fibreglass experience.