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    Windrush 14

    Thanks for the info. Next time I'll try the rudders down a lot more, and hope I don't rip them off on anything shallow lol. I'll do without that becket. I've seen enough videos of cats without them, that I don't think it will effect my use of the craft. I had assumed there would be a forestay for each hull, and the previous owner mentioned it was rigged for a jib, which i assumed was the reason for the lack of 2 forestays?? I can see how it could cause cracking by squeezing them together. However, I am SURE I read somewhere that nobody uses 2 forestays on W14's anymore. I may be wrong, but I was sure I read it somewhere. About 30 years ago I had a Windrush 12. I loved nothing better than to race into the shore with 1 hull in the air, and beach it that way lol.
  2. Disco Turtle

    Windrush 14

    Well, we finally found some time to get her in the water today. It had been about 2 weeks since the seller showed me how all the rigging worked, so when we were on the beach putting it all together, I had forgotten 1 part, so we just did the best we could to make it all secure, and out we went. The part I had trouble with was the Becket Block indicated in the picture. The one that goes from the foot of the mast to about 1/4 of the way along the boom. Couldn't work out A) how it was supposed to stay secure, and B) what it is actually for. I've been watching as many videos as I can, but some don't seem to have it, and others just have it as loose as a goose. Anyone have a photo or instructions on that part for me please? Anyway, we set out from a quiet little beach (near the lagoon at Geelong Grammar for the locals). Winds were light, about 12kts according to my weather app on my phone. We headed out, and hit a sandbar and got stuck. Lol. No big deal. I did see it before we beached on it, but I wasn't sure if we'd get over it or not. We didn't, so out we got, turned her around, and headed in the other direction. Not before catching the edge of the boom in the side of my face! (Nothing major. Just a small cut, but could have been much worse.) After telling the missus all morning to watch the boom so she doesn't get hit in the head! Lol. Around all the moored boats, and into the lagoon we went. We found some shallow areas along the way, with the odd slight scrape of the bottom, but we managed to stay afloat, and picked up some decent (decent for us!) speed. Turned around, and headed back the way we came. Got used to the feeling of when I lost the wind, and the main sail was looking to swing around. All in all a great hour or so on the water, and even managed to land back on the beach EXACTLY where we had set out! Wasn't brave enough to let a hull lift out of the water yet, but no doubt that will come. Another newbie question. The rudders were ridiculously heavy to hold and turn the boat. Are they supposed to be basically vertical in the water, or more trailing out the back? I had them trailing out the back, but am thinking more vertical might make things much lighter. The only issue being, if we sail over a shallow spot, they'll just dig in. Here she is in the water just before we popped our life jackets on and headed out.
  3. Disco Turtle

    Windrush 14

    Cool. I've worked out how the rigging all works, with some help from the seller. She's ready to put in the water and put through her paces. All I need now is a spare day!! That's the hard part!
  4. Disco Turtle

    Windrush 14

    Cool, Thankyou. I can deal with that. Not sure there is a club in Geelong for these but will have a look. Is there anyone here from Victoria? Do you know if a trailer that appears to be purpose built for the Windrush actually needs to be registered? The guy I am buying it from said he never registered it, and said he was always told that if it's under 750kg ATM then it doesn't need registering, but I can't find a definitive answer, other than the Vic roads website saying "other than a trailers designed for boats", but it seems to relate more to registered motor vessels and tinnies rather than trailer sailers.
  5. Disco Turtle

    Windrush 14

    Howdy. Not sure if there is anyone here. Just picked myself up a Windrush 14 with mainsail and jib for $600. Jib fittings need attention, but I can do without a jib to begin with. I used to have a Windrush 12 about 25 years ago, and I remember it to be awesome fun. Since then I've not owned a sailing craft, so i figured I can't go wrong with a Windrush 14 as a reintroduction. I don't plan on racing it. Just sailing it with my wife, and kids on the bay. Maybe some of the larger lakes around the place. I'm in Geelong. I've found a pretty good video on Youtube on how to set up a Trac 14, which I'm guessing is very similar if not identical, and it doesn't seem too tricky. I do have a couple of questions though. Back 25 years ago, I was a much youger, and foolhardy man, so if it was blowing a gale, I'd still go out cos back then, flipping upside down, and zooming along on 1 hull was all part of the fun. Now days I'm a little less brave, and much less resilient as far as the body bouncing goes, so my first question is this. What sort of forecast wind speeds do you recommend as minimum and maximum for a comfortable, relatively stress free day on the water? No doubt I'll have more questions as time goes on, and I've had a good chance to look over my boat better. (picking it up later this week). Hoping someone is here and this site is still active.