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  1. Sprinter27

    B class information

    Qb2 you are correct on the construction, ply deck and sides (looks like 3mm), fibreglass bottom and stern. having done a little reading about the QB2’s beginning, the Cunningham’s modified a quest A to be a two handed boat and knowing they built a c class known as Quest (one, two and three) I’m wondering if this is a quest B?
  2. Sprinter27

    B class information

    Thanks qb2, I know little about the (qb’s) but from what I’ve read the QB’s are 18ft long and 8ft wide (is this correct?) My cats 20ft long and 10ft wide like a tornado. thanks
  3. Sprinter27

    B class information

    Hi there, I have a ply b class cat that I believe would date back to the mid 60’s, I’m hoping someone out there knows a little of it’s early history, I believe it started life on the mornington peninsular, the sail number is KA32, I think it’s original colour was yellow . Any help would be very much appreciated