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  1. one of the hulls finished
  2. I will have to restart this OP as there is progressive limitation on image KB. To be continued.
  3. Fairing it all out is probably the most skilled job of the whole effort, the cc aren't very well molded to start with- has divots along the sides of the hull- so if you want it to look straight/sharp either use a 750mm hand longboard or if you use a belt sander if you are good at using it! Pity rupes doesn't still make the extra long based orby they use to- it would be perfect for finishing off the fairing surface. Vinylester resin has 72hr chemical bond window, layers x-link- the earlier the stronger the bond. Making fairing compound is much cheaper using the bulk resin, fumed silica 1part and q-cells 3parts. Old school.
  4. side stay mount view from front- what were they thinking?
  5. The caper cat was a better boat- especially for surf/bar crossings, but that was a different boat builder/designer- not the owner of calypso rc, there is a hard point issue where resin pooled on the inside bottom of the hull when molded-no peel ply used- but they were built on contract by many different people so some where good some not so good. lr sails doesn't have all the parts required to rebuild one to full safe spec. Manders sails Greg Ellis has beaten LR sails on price for many of the soft components required to do a rebuild, I play fair, I get prices from all contenders- alloy sections from Karl Mueller at Keeley Marine was the only supplier with the small boom front x-member, side tramp frame extrusions- none of it is cheap, to restore an old boat will cost you more then you think, be close to $5k without sails/jib and mast/boom. a new windrush is like $15k? https://www.windrushyachts.com.au/sailing-boats/windrush-14 Is half price to do one up over buying a newie, but you need to have some trade skills, not be just an electrician with a can do attitude! For me it is for mementos for my son, if looks after things I made for him with my hands, he will be able to past them down to his son. Like a hand print on a rock.
  6. the windrush 14 is probably a better choice as it is still in production with all parts available from the manufacturer - they even got made in the USA under licence- is faster boat too https://www.windrushyachts.com.au/sailing-boats/windrush-14 this looks good for a lowball effort if your looking for cheap- maricat 14 offer him $500 bet he will accept https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1238022294 I am restoring a caper cat 14 because of the rocker in the hull, makes it a great first boat for my son No boat is faultless, yet! 😜
  7. Torch light shows up the stress cracks, some go well past the outside gelcoat into the hull- if not repaired correctly they would just reappear in the new finish. This boat has an issue of hardpoint along the bottom just up from the keel, so I will reinforce it with extra cloth along that area.
  8. using a torch inside the hull all cracks are marked out- grinded out and patch with csm and resin
  9. modified stay brackets 3mm x 20mm- stronger, they clear the locker lid properly and they don't look like the originals what so ever,they mount internally- much more discreet and pleasing the aesthetic
  10. Ozzydamo

    Caper Cat Jib And Sail Needed

    i guess normie jones has gone to davy jones locker' ☠️
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    Caper Cat 14 Restoration # 2

    No there is not any nuts, they are a stainless steel flat blade screw head bolt into a tapped cast alloy bracket that is glassed into the top deck- idiot idea as the alloy locks up with stainless, 9 times out of ten you will snap the bolt- clown of boat builder, nice hull shape but...