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  1. Hi Darcy thank you.. you helped me a while back before we cleaned her up too. We are in Albany.. that pic is oyster harbour. Any suggestions where i get get a better main, jib and a traveller kit to install? Thank you
  2. Hi all.. this oldie was bought cheap as a fun project for the kids and cleaned up beautifully. If the forum can help I have 3 questions please and thanks in advance. * See in the pic the mainsail is about 1m shorter than the mast, is it the wrong sail? * I would like to add a jib if anyone has one for sale? * Also my mainsheet is just fixed to the beam and I wonder if its simple enough for me to add a traveller? Thanks and I should add this is just for family fun, not racing.
  3. Right.. the pdfs i find never exactly match what i have.. so as you guys commented it seems mine is a bitsa.
  4. 🤣 good points.. thanks
  5. Tooheys

    Please help identify

    Thank you Darcy and Ozzydamo, much appreciated!
  6. 4.1m hulls.. any help defining the make appreciated.. i have questions id love to put to this forum.. im thinking to disassemble for a renovation but worried if it will be a drama to reassemble. Thanks for any comment
  7. Dear all.. just purchased this .. I was told it is a 14' surfcat but so far my searches didnt turn up a handbook or image exactly like it. I hope to find the make, approx year and a manual to guide me on a few things like if its a good or terrible idea to disassemble it for a light refurb. Any tips from the forum will be much appreciated. Thanks!