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    Windrush jib block location help

    Hi Darcy, Thank you for the response and help. I will call you this afternoon after work to see if you have any. Many thanks, Nick
  2. Hi all, I need some help rigging my new jib onto my Windrush Surfcat 14. By looking at other photos, it appears people have a jib block / cam cleat in the port and starboard aluminium track (between tramp and hull, red circle in picture below). I also have seen people use the small jammer on the tramp bow rail, blue square in picture below. My sailing is always just for fun, very relaxed and on a budget. Can I sacrifice a little boat speed and use the small jammers that are already on the boat (blue square), or should I invest in some jib blocks / cam cleats, placed further aft, for a better jib angle(red circle)? Many thanks, Nick