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  1. Jish

    Looking for northern NSW Mari 4.3s

    Hi Chris, I've been looking out for more Northern NSW Maricat sailors. I'm up in Lismore & my closest club is the Richmond River Sailing & Rowing Club. Unfortunately no other Maricats at my club at the moment. Also a bit of a drive down to Armidale from here. I'm sure Chris will help you sort the Windy Jib sitch but there is an image of Jib sheet arrangement here: The ropes going to the rear beam attach to the jib clew in front of the mast (instead of the rear beam).
  2. Jish

    Maricat Traveller Car

    Just wondering if anyone has pic of the new traveller swivel cleat mount, or can provide a link to a pic. Specifically the attachment to the rear beam. I have a piece of aluminium plate I'm gonna use to fabricate one & wanna make sure the attachment to the rear beam via rivets has suitably spaced holes with enough rivets. Thanks
  3. Jish

    Advice on setup of Maricat 4.3

    Oh Yeh my bad, I forgot you have original stays. Sounds like you're getting it sorted.
  4. Jish

    Advice on setup of Maricat 4.3

    There should be a chainplate on each side between the bottom of each sidestay and a saddle on each outer edge of the hulls. There should be a jib strop between the jib head and the mast hound. My strop is 300mm x 4mm wire. There should also be a swivel between the jib head and strop if using a furler. Between the jib tack (front bottom) and bridle wires I use a ~60cm bit of 4mm spectra wound around about 4-5x between jib tack eyelet & bridle shackle. Cleat on mast may be for mainsail halyard. Cleat on from beam likely for jib furler line. There may be some maricats sailing at your local club you could check out too. Good luck
  5. Jish

    Tiller bar, she broke!

    I don't know if it's possible to buy a new replacement. Bris Cat centre might have them. The spare alum tubes I have are still attached to the rudder castings but i could drill out the rivets & just send the tubes if you're stuck for a replacement. I have a pic but it's too large to attach to this forum. I could FB message it or text it if you're interested. Regards Jish
  6. Jish

    Tiller bar, she broke!

    I've got a few spare rudder castings with aluminum insert. I'm up in Lismore NSW. Otherwise I reckon Darcy on here would have some central coast area further south.
  7. Jish

    Maricat Traveller Car

    I have a Mk 2, at least a Mk 2 rear beam - with integrated traveller. I would prefer to mount it directly to the rear beam if it works OK. Thanks
  8. Jish

    Maricat Traveller Car

    Thanks Pointed Reply. I found a good used swivel cleat & traveller car. I've seen the swivel cleat mounted directly to the rear beam, I guess since the newer ones have it on a mount it must be better. I'll have a go at making a mount. Cheers
  9. Jish

    Maricat Traveller Car

    Thread revival. My traveller has an integrated swivel cleat. Is there a new option that has the cleat integrated? Or do I need to also buy a swivel cleat to mount to the rear beam like I've seen older maricat with? Thanks
  10. I have an old mk 1. Hulls and beams. Free to pickup from Lismore northern NSW. I'll try to put pics up in the photos section. I was told it had a brand new tramp so grabbed it for free but the tramp was sun damaged & I don't have the time to restore the hulls, though they look in better condition than my mk 2 hulls. No major cracks. Been reglassed on the hull bottoms.
  11. Jish

    Windrush Jib for Maricat?

    Brilliant. I'm keen on the better one. How much to post to Lismore NSW 2480? I'll give you a ring..
  12. I came across a Windrush Jib for sale & wondering if it will work with my Maricat 4.3? I don't think my hulls are worth putting new sail & tramp on so been looking for a cheap Jib to replace my old torn one. Thanks in advance 🙂
  13. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    My Jib has been repaired for now so I'll hold off on the jib thanks Darcy.
  14. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    I may have found a closer jib. I should know tomorrow. Otherwise I'll give you a call.