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  1. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    My Jib has been repaired for now so I'll hold off on the jib thanks Darcy.
  2. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    I may have found a closer jib. I should know tomorrow. Otherwise I'll give you a call.
  3. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    $120 sounds good, I'll give you a call. I do love the thrill of the extra speed with the jib solo on trapeze. But I'm only about 68kg so I guess under the class limit for super sloop. Also I'm struggling to tack with just the main (mast has race rake). I could shorten my fore stays a little to reduce mast rake but I've already noticed the tendency for nose diving as it is. Cheers Darcy
  4. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    So I managed to tear my jib leach. Seemed to be flapping a lot in the 10-15kn wind at Woody bay. I tried moving the jib traveller further back which helped a bit. I'll try to get it repaired but the cloth is fairly old & worn with a few small longitudinal tears starting & one major torn area midway up the leach. Long story short, I'm still chasing a jib.
  5. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    Thanks Darcy, good to hear the jib is right. I noticed $20 written on it in green texta & figured it must be a mongrel off some random boat. I made the strop myself and it was only about the 3rd time out. I managed to drop the strop so no evidence or pics but I noticed it seemed to have pulled out of the swage. Maybe my swaging technique needs improvement. I also made my own stays but after this it made me question them so ordered new ones from Brisbane catamaran centre ($170). I also have a new dolphin striker. I have the modern jib sheet tracks. Cheers
  6. Anyone have a used jib for sale? and possible a main as a package deal? The jib my boat came with seems oversize & may be part reason my jib strop broke & mast came down in 18-20kt. Pref Northern NSW SE QLD but could get them posted or pickup from further afield. Thanks Jish 0409570869
  7. I got it welded today so problem solved. I couldn't figure out how to delete the post though.
  8. So I managed to crack my mast head halyard pulley section. Just wondering if this is able to be welded or repaired somehow it if I'll need a new mast head etc. I was trying to step mast solo, had fore stays connected & went to attach side stays forgetting I needed one of the side stays already connected before raising mast. Mast fell onto road. Luckily car park was deserted & nothing injured or broken.
  9. Great to hear, I'll make sure I check it before/after each sail. Thanks Darcy.
  10. Useful info thanks. So far I mainly race for learning, fun & added safety of other boats & rescue boat. I'm still being lapped by everyone but like the challenge of an actual course to sail. Great to have options of sloop, cat etc though. I'll check out the sailing buddies group. Cheers
  11. Aah, good to know I'm not too light for standard setup. It already has the mast base & rotation stoppers filed away. I plan on using the trapeze when I build my skills, likely once my local club (Richmond River Sailing Rowing Club) resumes sailing in September. I'm wary of learning trapeze solo without other boats around. In the mean time I've been gradually replacing old/broken bits. New dolphin striker done. New stays. I'm in the process of fairing & sanding the hulls & making some beach wheels. I'll be sailing with/against mostly Nacras up here. Ranging from 430 up to 5.8's. So not much to compare setup with. Queens Lake is about 6hrs south for me but if there's a multi day event I'd make the drive. Cheers Jish
  12. Thanks pointed reply, I gave them a ring today. I was just wary of drilling extra holes in the mast. While you're there, could you please tell me the standard distance from the mast head. I read somewhere that the hound should be lowered a little for lightweights like me at about 68kg.
  13. I'm chasing a maricat 4.3 mast hound tang. My ones hole is stretched & the new one I bought is too small.