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    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    Cool, thanks. Now for some 'essential' exercise.
  2. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    Went for a first sail yesterday. sails beautifully. I think I have the mainsheet/traveller rigged correctly now.
  3. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    Ah, yes I did notice a small saddle under the rear beam. That sounds very clear now thanks.
  4. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    I got it rigged this evening. Not sure if I have the mainsheet done proper but realized I'm missing a downhaul system. Any chance you have an used one in reasonable condition? Also wondering if you'd post to NNSW. Happy to pay for postage & time. If you do post, then I may as well get some more stays that are new length for mast rake, along with a few other bits. Regards Jish
  5. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    Aah thanks Darcy, I'll give that a try
  6. Jish

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    I find these searching the forum but they have the traveler sheet running through a cleat fixed to the rear beam, where as mine seems to have the traveler cleat on a swivel built into the traveler so not sure if will work.
  7. Hi there, As per my usual impulse buys, I've ended up with an old Maricat 4.3. To start with I'm just going to sail it cat rigged in light breezes & want to spend minimal time/money until I build some more skills. I've sailed mono's for a short while but I'm new to cats. Basically if someone could please post an image or link to an image/diagram of how to rig my mainsheet block & traveller. Mine is the one in the 1st image. It also came with a double pulley block which I assume attaches near the end of the boom. I've also attached a pre sale image of the boat, along with the jib block/cleat in case it would be better served in my mainsheet system until I add the jib. I've been sailing with the Richmond River Sailing & Rowing Club in Ballina NE NSW but they sail mostly Nacra's & I'd like to do a dry rig 1st to make sure I'm not missing anything before dragging it down to the water. Also if anyone sails Maricat's anywhere near Ballina/Tweed heads/Gold Coast/Brisbane I'd be keen to catch up to compare rigs & hopefully learn a bit. Thanks Jish