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    Mast float for a Windrush 14?

    Thanks fellas, much appreciated!
  2. G"day All, Just wondering if there's a way to attach a mast float to an older style Windrush 14? Anyone done this or have any info or ideas on how to do it? I'm only just learning to sail in Lake Cootharaba on the Sunshine Coast QLD, and the lake is only about 2m deep max and is tidal, so I'm a bit worried about the mast getting stuck on the bottom if she turtles! Any advise much appreciated - cheers.
  3. Tony Hicks

    Studless Trailer Wheels?

    Thanks Pete - yep you are correct, I’ve been looking all over YouTube but had no idea what they were actually called, just typed in bearing buddy and spot on! Thanks mate much appreciated. Sorry darcy1945 I’m away at work at the moment so don’t have any photo’s but should be right now. Cheers fella’s, thanks again.
  4. Tony Hicks

    Studless Trailer Wheels?

    Thanks darcy1945, thanks Pete. Yep I definitely want to buy a spare for it, but was hoping to find one locally ( Sunshine Coast QLD ). darcy1945 if I can’t find one locally I’ll give you a buzz about maybe posting if possible? But how do you actually get to the axel nut? Mine have a small black plastic cap which just slides off, then it looks like some kind of circlip with a spring behind it, with a grease nipple in the center - I just don’t want to damage anything trying to learn how to take a wheel off... Cheers guy’s, Tony
  5. G'Day all, Just joined your group, and totally new to catamaraning in general so thanks very much for having me! Just picked up our first ever boat - an old but in great condition Windrush 14 - very happy with her and can't wait to get her on the water! My question is about the trailer though. Still trying to work out how to upload pics but basically the trailer wheels are like nothing I've seen before - there's no hubs, just an axle with wheels either side of the springs. There are no hubs, so obviously no studs or wheel nuts. I can't work out how the wheels even go on or come off the axle? I'm only asking because I thought I'd buy a spare wheel for it, something I now realise I should have asked about when we bought the boat but I was too interested in the boat itself so lesson learnt I should have been more switched on! Anyway thanks, any help much appreciated! Tony.