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    Advice on setup of Maricat 4.3

    Thank you all. I did pop down to the YMCA and had a quick chat and took some photos, and that helped a lot. But when I went home and put it together a few more questions popped up. And I want to take this boat away at Christmas and sail it. I’ll leave the chainplates out as they will tilt the mast forward, but will put in a job strop (I think there is one in the bag attached to forestays to set up for a cat rig). And I’ll get some spectra to take up any slack in that assembly. I’ve got a few maintenance things to do, including replacing the bungee on the rudders, new bungs, and new seals on the hatches. And the new tramp. But otherwise it looks pretty good. cheers, Mike.
  2. HI I bought a secondhand Maricat 4.3 that was very dismantled - every shackle, every everything was removed and in a box except rudders and tramp. I have a few questions now I have it mostly back together. 1) where the side stays attach to the hull, are there meant to be those adjustable plates or do you just shackle the stay straight to the hull fitting? I currently have them just attached with shackles and the bottom of the jib doesn’t meet the bridle (thingy) that has the self fuller on it. So I used the vang (I think). 2) What do I use to attach the bottom of the jib to the bridle - to fill that 30cm gap? And should I put it above the jib or below it? 3) Do I need a swivel at the top of the self fulling jib? 4) what are the two cleats at the bottom of the mast and on the front beam for? DOes anyone want to sell a decent Mk2 tramp, sail bag, sail box, or trapeze harness (cheaper) in Canberra or DeeWhy area. Thanks in advance. I have a few more questions but will get these answered first. Mike