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    Hi there, I too have purchased a hydra cat, sail number 1108 “Thuggery”, about 18 months back, not much sailing last year though... but hoping to get out tomorrow :) When I first got into sailing in the 80's, I was quite taken by Hydra Cats and just had to get one. The boat I brought was sail number 424 “Osprey”. It was a real experience; the first time I took it out, other sailors at the local club had to show me how to rig it!! But as I learnt to sail and tune the boat, I became quite competitive in a mixed fleet of fifteen cats, regularly taking out the yardstick trophy. They are a great cat to sail and its good to see others finding them as well. While writing this post I looked up a couple of articles in “Cat & boardsailor” Vol 5 No 3, Vol 5 No 4, written by Colin Cain, who was national champion at the time, on how to “hot up your hydra”, well worth a read if you can find them!!