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  1. Want to have a bit of fun! Want to get to the top of your game? Want to train your kids up? Want to escape housework! Want to sail with the best! Don't worry about a pathway have some fun instead! Get that old girl (of whatever doubtful parentage(I'am talking about your boat)) out of the bushes and back on the water, for the last Club Champs of the season. See you down at Sand Point this Saturday!!!!! WE have everything from Wetas to A class and welcome anything in between. WE dont care as long as its an off the beach multi and doesn't sink we would love to meet you. For directions go to www.pbsc.org.au
  2. THE BULLETS IS 50 This year!!!!! This years's Bullets Regatta to be held on the 3rd weekend of November 2016. 19 and 20 of November 2016 LOCK IT IN>> Any old Bullets Photos etc would be appreciated. Also looking for somewhere to hold you States or Nationals, or a heat of your traveller series, come join us!
  3. Sunday the 27th of July, Palm Beach Sailing Club, www.pbsc.org.au, 11.30Am Preparation and boat maintenance presentation followed by BBQ and social get to together. All welcome! Discussion on how to prepare your boat for next season cruising or racing and them a BBQ and chin wag from about 12:30pm. You are also welcome to join our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/pbscoz Cheers Andrew
  4. Andrew Nelson

    H18,s v h16,s

    I hope this does not involve Fishnet stockings and heels? NO good for the trampoline. I dont think either of us have the legs for this. Maybe we need to look at the Tigers and Wild cats?
  5. Andrew Nelson

    Moreton Bay Camping

    Long Island 1976 WE lived and sailed from Long Island for about 2 weeks. Vasco Pajama, Jim F Short, First and Last, Henry and Katmandu. To do that these days you would die of old age nefore you could get through the permits!
  6. Andrew Nelson

    H18,s v h16,s

    I am not sure about this one.
  7. We have been deep deep deep under cover and discovered Mick Butler's secret training schedule for the up coming World Titles to be held on Jervis Bay NSW in February 2014 http://hobie16worlds2014.hobieworlds.com/content/20th-hobie%C2%AE-16-world-championships-jervis-bay-announced MIck lost his world champion crown in China at the last World Titles and is NOT HAPPY. He intends reclaiming it on his home turf. We have however discovered his training schedule and here it is! "This the plan for myself in the lead up to the H16 worlds in Feb. There are plenty of other regattas and places to sail but for me with everything else that goes on in life and living in Vincentia this is it Regattas Bad News Currumbin 8,9,10 June Mid Winter Training Weekend 6,7 July Wildcat Forster 2,3,4 October Bullets Palm Beach 9,10 Nov NSW states Vincentia 30 Nov 1 Dec Nationals Adelaide new years The mid-winter weekend I have put in will be run from VSC on Jervis Bay. Not a regatta as such but we will put in marks and have a start boat . The club will charge $10 per day to cover fuel and the Hot Water which will be needed after each day. I will sail one day most weekends through the winter here on Jervis Bay and will do an email on Thursday evenings to give the plan for the weekend From Forster onwards I will sail both days on JB when the weather is suitable Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be interested" Hope to see you at some of these events!
  8. Andrew Nelson

    Speed Sailing

    How fast is your cat? Watch this quick safety message Hobie 16 2 up 23.7 knots Hobie 16 1 up 20.3 knots A class 18.5 knots. As recorded by GPS anyone want to up the ante? PS remember sailing your boat at the limit can have dior consequences watch the safety video first!
  9. Andrew Nelson

    Changes with the n.s.w Hobie Association

    Good idea Hawky By the Way NSW Hobie Assoc AGM July 7 Vincentia, Jervis Bay Thanks Sorry about the sound.
  10. Australia's entry in the Red Bull Youth America's Cup will be holding a meet the team event, here are the details from the Coach and sailing manager Fron Traks As you are most likely aware Objective Australia was successful in obtaining selection to compete in the inaugural Red Bull Youth America's Cup in San Francisco, September 2013. To celebrate, you are invited to join us at RPAYC on Sat March 23 to meet the team, hear about the pathway to this point and the plans moving forwards. The invitation is attached below. This is an exciting opportunity for the young sailors competing. More importantly, it is exciting for Australia as finally we again have a team to follow in this most prestigious event. I really hope you can attend; If you can't come please like our Facebook and enjoy our journey http://www.facebook.com/ObjectiveAustralia?ref=hl#!/events/460593260680983 When 23 March 5:30-6:15 Where Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club All Welcome! Jason The Australian Team Skipper will be sailing his Hobie 16 at this weekends Bullets Regatta at Palm Beach Sailing Club if you would like to come down and say hello! Cheers Andrew PS It is actually his dad's Hobie 16 but Jason won the paper/ rock/ scissors competion so gets to sail the Hobie!
  11. Andrew Nelson

    Beware the Bullets Regatta 16 an 17th of March

    ON this weekend!!!!
  12. Andrew Nelson

    Hobie 16 World Titles Jervis Bay February 2014

    All Hobie Classes welcome at the state titles.
  13. http://www.hobieclass.com/?Page=9616 Remember the NSW Hobie States are on the same piece of water first week of December 2013. All Hobie classes welcome. Note if you sail a 14, Tiger or Wildcat YOur Worlds are in Germany latter this year http://www.hobieclass.com/?page=9606&format= Cheers Andrew
  14. Here are the details;www.pbsc.org.au THE BULLETS REGATTA IS BACK The much loved (and by some - feared *) Bullets Regatta is back for 2013. We have sorted the insurance wrangle that caused it's postponement, and with much excitement announce that The Bullets will be held on MARCH 16 - 17, 2013. NOR will posted here soon. * Sailors used to unchanging wind conditions are sometimes unsettled at the thought of the sometimes flukey conditions on Pittwater, but these conditions are like a difficult golf course - keeps you on you toes and gives you a great sense of satisfaction when you sail well. Of course, golf is a silly game, as all sailors know :-)