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  1. QB2

    A-class insurance

    I have a mk5 A class.. and am insured with RACQ
  2. Looking to source a 7 m maricat mast or similar to detune a Mk5 A class as the 30 foot carbon mast is a scary handful in a typical 20+ seabreeze. I want to keep the A as it is a delight to haul around and to save my aching back, and detune it so its easy to handle in 20+ knots without being out of control . Suggestions?
  3. amended the above as per leons advice
  4. QB2

    Mari Pitchpole practice

    Conditions went from perfect 10-14 knots to 17 and up in the space of fifteen minutes and bramble bay at Woody Point quickly gets a short, vicious chop especially wind against tide and we had the mari and lots of laserrs falling over in a heap before heading to shore.. Yes Zane should have eased sails but didn't touch a rope and bored it in .
  5. Sailor Zane Bradbury repeatedly went down the mine at a recent Humpybong yacht club race day .. No attempt to release the mainsheet or jib.. just this huge grin on his face.. Apparently he doesn't bruise.. unlike the rest of us.. I would love a Mari to take him on when the seabreeze kicks in, Moreton and Bramble Bay get a vicious chop and the A class, Nacras and Lasers pack up and go home.,
  6. Humpybash regatta is on at Humpybong Yacht Club, Woody Point, 20 & 21 October. Around 80 craft are expected to attend with a large contingent of youth sailors and their families attending. Three races held on the Saturday and again on Sunday. Humpybash is among one of the last regattas before the Australian A class nationals and the worlds at Hervey Bay in November HYC runs the youth and senior racing on separate courses. There is camping available at the club and plenty of other accommodation at Redcliffe.
  7. Only a week to go until Winterbash on 29 and 30 July.. Go to Humpybong yacht Club website http://hyc.net.au/ for further info .. Water temp is 20C so pretty inviting still for winter time .. three races next Saturday and a marathon from Woody point to Sandgate and Scarborough and return depending on conditions.. Excellent conditions tipped by weather sites. Race attracted 60 entrants last year and hoping for a larger catamaran and dinghy fleet this year. Senior and Junior divisions held on separate courses Camping available outside the clubhouse or accommodation on Redcliffe peninsula..
  8. Humpybong Yacht Club, Woody Point, Brisbane hosts the Queensland A Class championships from 5-7 May 2017. Twenty to thirty A class are expected to attend including Matt Homan, Brad Collett, Andrew Landenberger, Andrew Chaney, Peter Bradbury. Camping is available on the foreshore/carpark at Humpybong for sailors and their families. Further info at hyc.net.au
  9. In case it hasn 't been notified already, The annual Belvedere Humpybash regatta at Humpybong yacht club is on this Saturday and Sunday if you are interested go to the hyc.net.au to get registration info . Participants are able to camp for the weekend in front of the clubhouse or access a wide range of local accommodation
  10. QB2

    2016 Cobra National Titles

    Mooloolaba yacht club has 24/7 security fenced and open areas to the north and south of the club looking from the road .. you will be able to leave your cat rigged there. MSC will stage the event apparently but use MYC facilities which are first rate and the club is a large complex with numerous meeting rooms, dining , bars etc. For racing you sail out through the boat harbour into the ocean off mooloolaba so you will have decent easterly ocean swells to contend with as well as more tidal impact than in port phillip bay. Sunshine coast Hobie sailors race there so cat regattas are routine. . There is heaps of local accomodation from caravan parks to high rise units within walking distance to the club. The only bugbear is traffic and parking outside the yacht club in holiday periods but you shouldn't have a problem getting in and out from the club carpark
  11. 28-30 psi is about average as you want some give and not rock hard pressures
  12. fitted with a maricat mast this thing would fly
  13. QB2

    Towing cats

    not good.. hope Mr Day is okay ..
  14. QB2

    cat righting

    think about getting or making a righting bag you can fill to give you more leverege. Tie it off to the righting rope or upper shroud wire and lean out with the bag held out on your back. Standing on the bow should get the cat into the wind and at that wind strength the main should have helped with lift. Thats the theory . There is also making a righting pole, have a look at catsailor.com for some of the ones the yanks have where they put a pole into the lower centreboard slot and walk out on the pole which has ropes to the front and rear beams to hold it steady . After uprighting the pole tucks away back under the tramp.. If you are ,like me , feeling your age, might be time to go to an A class, or 14 footer lighter weight.class
  15. QB2

    Social Hobie Sailing SEQ

    where are you off to in the near future?