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  1. Christmas Regatta - December 28-30 There will be a regatta at the club open to all classes. This will also include the 125 State Titles for 2020 and anyone wanting to try a 125 should come down on the 27th Dec where boats and skippers will also be available for anyone to try a 125. Register now https://www.hyc.net.au/events/83764/ Sun 27 PM will be burgers & night cricket under lights $5 Burger Mon 28 - Deaf Sailing QLD will be hosting dinner Pastas & salads $10 PP Tues 29 Pizza & Trivia $10 pp Wed 30 saus sizzle & presentation
  2. We had 51 boats for Humpybash and Saturday was picture perfect but more challenging on Sunday when the wind and waves kicked in .. but everyone seemed happy.
  3. I am happy tp report Jellyfish are remaining scarce in Moreton and Bramble bays and expected to remain that way for Humpybash next weekend. Principal Race Officer Allan Crawford is preparing to ensure racing begins and is staged on time for all events on Saturday and Sunday 17 & 18th. Seabreeze is predicting 10-15 knots for Saturday with likelihood of the same for Sunday so premier conditions for the event. If you haven't registered as yet please do so to assist Humpybong in catering and logistics for the weekend .. go to hyc.net.au hope to see you there
  4. Humpybash is now just a fortnite away if you are keen to attend and haven't registered already please do so .. The weather is back to glorious Queensland high 20's with sea breezes so the on water action should be fast and furious.
  5. HumpyBash is being held on the 17 & 18th of October and is hoping to attract as much interest as at July's WinterBash which saw 151 boats attend. Further info: hyc.net.au
  6. The Fifth annual WinterBash regatta hosted by Humpybong Yacht Club attracted 151 boats last weekend .. We had 121 boats registered by friday morning and more registrations were made on both days of the event. Competitors came from Gladstone to Coffs Harbour, Drizzle interspersed with showers on Saturday didn't put as damper on the highly competitive three races held but Sunday was sunny with strengthening easterly winds to provide a beam fast ride for the divisions talking part in the marathon from Woody Point south to Sandgate, north to Scarborough and return to Woody point pier.
  7. There are over 120 boats now registered for Winterbash this weekend and numbers are continuing to pour in .. we have competitors coming from Sydney to Gladstone and over a third of entries are two or three up craft. A who's who of multi sailors are coming so competition will be hot. The forecast is for decreasing showers with temps of 21 sat and 23 sunday .
  8. The SE Queensland Nacra Association is running its State Championships in conjunction with WinterBash
  9. https://www.hyc.net.au/events/67772/ Over the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July the Humpybong Yacht Club will conduct its fifth annual WinterBash regatta for yachts, multihulls, trailer sailers, off-the-beach dinghies and catamarans. In addition this year, we are hosting the South East Queensland Nacra titles. Humpybong Yacht Club is a family focused sailing club and we actively encourage competitors of all experience levels to take part. We have advice from a full range for boats from trimarans down to lasers that they will be coming; from Bundaberg in the north to Murwillumbah in the south. We are expecting a big fleet, especislly wiht the Nacras adding spice. The first day is an all in one course series of triangular races in Bramble Bay, It is followed by the WinterBash marathon on Day Two. The marathon race will see boats race across the Bramble Bay and back up the Redcliffe peninsula before returning to finsh at the Woody Point Jetty. Juniors will a multi race format Day One and two endurance courses on Day Two. Parent permission forms for all under 18 years old will be required. If you are not racing and would like a day on the water with the fleets or know someone that would; please call Peter Bradbury on 0412 695 146 As with all major events at Humpybong, overnight camping will be available to competitors and their families and the canteen will be open for the duration of the event. Alternatively, look for other accommodation options here. This years regatta will be complicated by the CoVID-19 restrictions placed on all events by the Government. The HYC CoVID-19 Management plan forms part of the NOR and it is aexpected that all competitors and support teams will familiarise themselves with teh requiremtns before the eveetn. It is important for everyone,s safety.
  10. Thanks for the comments.. Windrushs are pretty rare here in Brisvegas but there are plenty of Maricats around so thinking of going down that route once again.. I've had two before so know what to expect.and they are pretty rock solid still, The other plus is they have an active NSW and ACT Association which still holds Nationals etc. i would like a newer style cat like the Calypso with their narrower bows but its a case of seeing whats around and what attracts me again.
  11. Looking at getting back into a 4.3 catamaran .. Was the Calypso 4.4 a mainly fault free cat or like the Alpha Omega 4.4 had handling issues?
  12. QB2

    B class information

    can you put up a pic of the sterns and is there any sail insignia?
  13. QB2

    B class information

    This looks like a QB2 which was a Lindsay Cunningham design. He was from Melbourne and there were significant fleets in Vic, SA, NSW and Qld. The QB was designed and built in competition for the catamaran division in Olympic selection but which went ultimately to the Tornado.. The original QBs were terrific cats and good performers, As one seasoned catsaailor told me because of the thin sterns you could slow the beast downwind by dragging the sterns and rear beam .. These were sold as plans which you built at home or in a club ewhich build up fleets. They had, from memory 4-6mm ply sides and decks but the lower sides, ie from keels up about six inches were fibreglass because the ply wouldn't do the compound curve. A 30 foot mast and a big sail area. I bought one of the last ones believed to be in Qld in about 1994 .. it was originally called Bwana Banana and was bright yellow.. By the time i bought it , it needed new decks and sides from rot, it had seven separate colour paint coats on it I restored it as best i could ..and then met the original builder who said i'd done a crap job. There were up to have a dozen at Townsville whewre i bought mine upgrading from the only 14 footer, a Maricat in the local club cat fleet, before sailors went to tornadoes, capricorn a locally built heavy cat, A class and then Taipans when they hit the scee in the 1990's. Qld heat and humidity were not kind to these boats nor is being left out in weather extremes .. Howeverr they are still terrific performers if you find one in good condition. The QB3 was the same boat upgraded i think with only the centreboards moved about a foot back , a little more roach sail area and i can't remember if the mast got taller. cheers Mark Dawson
  14. The marathon started off Woody Point jetty to a buoy off Sandgate jetty, up North to the cardinal mark off Scarborough and return to woody point
  15. Humpybash 2019 is just over a week away.. Forecast is expecting 28 to low 30's temperatures. Rain is expected over the next few days so the rigging yard may have a good downpour to provide some more good ground cover for sailors and their boats