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  1. This w/end, best 14' cat regatta in Aus, on beautiful Lake Macquarie. see details on MPASC facebook site.
  2. darcy1945

    Bridle wires length

    Is there a plus/minus with that measurement ?
  3. darcy1945

    Bridle wires length

    What length, as per Mari 4.3 measurement form, should the bridle wires be (eye to eye) ?
  4. darcy1945

    Jib sheet attachment

    Give me a call on 02 43591729. Darcy.
  5. darcy1945

    Setting Up Jib

    43 591729,
  6. darcy1945

    What is this part called?

    Dolphin striker post.
  7. darcy1945

    Marie 4.3 New tramp required please

    Matt, give Graham a call, 0411080064, good, diagonal cut tramps, $300+post.
  8. Suit cat to 6m, price reduced, $500.
  9. darcy1945

    Sail age

    Anthony, I have several good second hand sails for sale. 02 43591729
  10. darcy1945

    Paper Tiger Trailer - Any out there

    I have a good registered Maricat trailer for $300. could be modified to carry PT. Ph 02 43591729 NSW Central Coast.
  11. darcy1945


    OLOCK, Mannering Pk have a small fleet of Taipans, having owned one, I can vouch for their performance and versatility. They are a race bred boat, light and fast, and must be treated well or will cost you money. Again I would suggest you visit the local clubs before a purchase. At 73 and 97kg I now sail a cat rigged Mari 4.3 (Largest fleet at Mannering Pk) A good GRP Mari, race ready, cost about $2k, I have a spare you could have a play with, if you drop in.
  12. darcy1945


    There are 3 local cat clubs, Toukley (Sail sundays) on Tuggerah Lk, and 2 on Lake Macquarie, Speers Pt and Mannering Pk, you should drop in on both clubs before you make any decisions. Both the Lake Mac clubs sail saturdays and details can be found on the net. 105kg is the upper limit for any of the 14s, so a 16 would probably be a wise choice, again advise from a club is suggested. Give me a call, 43591729 for info on Mannering Pk.
  13. darcy1945

    Halyard pulleys and sail track lubrication

    Bolt rope shrinkage causes the sail to jam in the track, if your sail has a lot of wrinkles around the bolt rope, you need to ease the luff. There is about 60/80mm of stitches through to bolt rope at the bottom, unpick this and starting from the head, pull the sail down the bolt rope. Most older sails will end up with the bolt rope 80cm up the luff.
  14. darcy1945

    Redhead race sail set $700

    Main sold, still have 2 Redhead jibs for sale, wire luff. $250, $350.