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  1. darcy1945

    Windrush 14 - Sails , cleats and Springs

    Windrush Yachts, Perth WA. quick efficient service. My ph 0243591729 for any questions on your tiller spring replacement.
  2. See Windrush site, above, for details.
  3. Good sailing condition, stock, early Windrush (Not foam or bulkhead models). Currently cat rig, but jib, trap wires, and most fittings supplied. $600 boat only. Reg trlr $300 if required. Lake Macquarie NSW. Ph02 43591729.
  4. darcy1945

    Attaching tiller elbows

    Screws or rivets (I prefer screws). Use only 1 rivet in the rear hole, to fix the tiller in the casting (The front hole is what causes them to break)
  5. darcy1945

    Looking for new or second hand Windrush 14

    Where are you ?
  6. darcy1945

    Hydra 16

    Nice looking boat, we have a good strong cat fleet racing at Mannering Pk on saturdays, Mari, Hobie, Taipan and F18s. Come down any saturday, or give me a call on 43591729.
  7. darcy1945

    Advice on setup of Maricat 4.3

    Give me a call on 02 43591729, I have a contact for good and cheap tramps.
  8. darcy1945

    Advice on setup of Maricat 4.3

    Your mast is standing to close to vertical, do not add chainplates to the side stays, the tack of the jib should be attached to the furler, which is attached to the bridle, any adjustment should be at the top of the jib above the swivel.
  9. darcy1945

    WTB - Maricat 4.3

    I have a very good, cat rigged, foam sandwich Mari on good reg trlr. $4k. As close to a new boat as you will get and more than 10k less than new. 02 43591729. NSW Central coast.
  10. darcy1945


    Mk2 has the traveller track as part of the rear beam extrusion, Mk1 track is a separate "I" beam attached to the rear beam. A good Mk1 is as good as a good Mk2 in performance.
  11. darcy1945

    kick up rudders wanted.

    Yes, Maricat rudders,Ph 0243591729. NSW Central Coast.
  12. darcy1945

    Windrush Jib for Maricat?

    Jish, I have a good Mari jib for $150, another fair $100. Windy jibs are smaller, but will do the job almost as well. Darcy 0243591729.
  13. darcy1945


    Give me a call ref your dolphin striker. 02 43591729.
  14. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    Unless you are 90kg+ , you should sail "Cat rig", Mainsail only.
  15. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    $120, includes post, 2nd hand, fair condition. 02 43591729. \