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  1. Sturdy, registered, 2 cat trailer, suit 4.3m cats. Currently set up for foam Mari,supported by beams (Bottom), GRP Mari on rollers (Top). Mini wheels and several spares. Needs paint $400. Sailbox and beach rollers available extra. Darcy 02 43591729, NSW Central Coast.
  2. Ready to sail, registered trlr, sailbox, V/good sails. NSW Central Coast. Darcy 02 43591729 Rudders and castings to suit 14/16/and 18. Some other parts available.
  3. darcy1945

    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    Give me a call on 02 43591729.
  4. darcy1945

    Kula Kat information

    Give me a call on 02 43591729, I should be able to answer most of your questions. Darcy.
  5. Faultless, as new condition, very late model, mk2 Maricat, cat rig. Race tuned, With, raked mast, new stays, dolphin striker and bias cut tramp. Near new main Boat only, $1500 Also for sale- Super sloop rig complete with all rigging and new jib. V/good reg trlr, sail box, beach wheels. Darcy 0243591729
  6. darcy1945

    seeking detailed maricat diagram

    Measure the longest stays (Forestays), if they are less than 5.5m, you will have to have the bow of the boat uphill for the mast to lean far enough to stay up whilst you attach the side stays.
  7. Krispy, still plenty of parts. 1988 would be a Mk2 (Traveller track is part of rear beam extrusion, not a separate track) Give me a call on 02 43591729, for a list of things to inspect.
  8. darcy1945

    Mari Pitchpole practice

    Weight, to far forward, not enough mast rake, and, the jib will put you in on a reach, unless you continually play it to control the leeward bow. Most Mari sailors pack the jib away at 15/20 kts.
  9. darcy1945

    14' cat parts, Windy, Mari

    V/good 2nd hand tramp and most other Mari parts, (Very good mainsails), some H14 and Windy parts still
  10. Boats sold, still have most parts available.
  11. darcy1945

    Wanted, H14 tramp

    Prefer Turbo tramp, but, cat rig tramp will do. Darcy 02 43591729
  12. darcy1945

    H14 Trampoline Wanted

    Tramp req, suit H14, prefer Turbo, but cat rig tramp will do. 02 43591729 Darcy.
  13. darcy1945

    Hobie 14 parts

    Do you have a trap to suit H14 ?
  14. darcy1945


    Give me a call 02 43591729
  15. darcy1945

    Rigging question: Nacra 4.5

    The other possibility is, through the pulley back to a cleat on the front beam, so tension can be adjusted throughout wind variations. Ideal for soft jibs (no battens)