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  1. darcy1945

    Mari 4.8 Sail

    Neil, where do you sail/live ? give us the dimensions, luff and foot, and I may be ale to help (have a few 15/16' cat sails in shed). Ph 02 43591729
  2. darcy1945

    Sail change

    I can sell you a H 14 main for $80. Ph 02 43591729 Darcy
  3. Give me a call on 02 43591729, can point you in the right direction.
  4. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    Not quite right , but close. You are missing a double block with becket (replaces the double at the bottom of your system) and a single with cleat, above which the double and becket are attached. All are then attached to the traveller car. The traveller system was originally separate, it anchors under the centre of the rear beam, up through the rollers, then through the cleat. the first photo above (white mainsheet) is how the original system should look. As you can see, it takes up a lot of space and is generally replaced by low profile triple blocks top and bottom.
  5. darcy1945

    Hobie 14 Turbo, $500. Parts, 14/16/18

    Boat sold, plenty of cheap parts left.
  6. 02 43591729 NSW.
  7. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Mainsheet rigging

    The middle image is how yours should be (Original), triple block on the boom , single rachet and cleat block attached to traveller, with tandem double and becket attached above the single. The cleat attached to traveller is original and will work.
  8. should have, give me a call on 43591729, and I will check, (trap harness will be old style $30), wires will be new (price when I find them)
  9. darcy1945

    Dropping rudders from horizontal

    The spring tension in the rudder arms holds them down. lift the rudder arms to take the pressure cf the cam roller( sitting on the cam shape top of the rudder) and the rudders drop automatically.
  10. darcy1945

    kick up rudders wanted.

    Complete set, rudders to tiller, $200 plus post.
  11. Still have most parts available, complete Windrush 14 on trailer $400.
  12. I have the bits you require, but freight would be a killer, suggest you look around close to home. All the production cat sails are about the same size, the Windy has a smaller bolt rope on the mainsail luff (Not to hard to change.)
  13. The hulls could be a copy of, or early, Windrush 14', the sail is windrush Surfcat (12' or 13'). Should be no problem to add a traveller, where are you ?
  14. darcy1945

    Foam sandwich Mari 4.3 platform, $2000

    Hulls only $1600, good condition.