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  1. Brain fade on date, Dec, not Nov as in first post.
  2. All cats 5m and over, see MPASC site for details and NOR.
  3. darcy1945

    Marie 4.3 New tramp required please

    Call Graham.
  4. darcy1945

    Rudder rope size

    I prefer 6mm, less chance of jamming between blade and casting, I also file a groove in the top of my blades to keep the pull down rope central.
  5. Negotiable, boat only, Darcy 0243591729
  6. Recent rebuild, new tramp, stays, rudder mod, raked mast, much more, Darcy 02 43591729.
  7. Still plenty of cheap parts for all 14s, good H14 hull pr $100, complete, ready to race Mari, from $800
  8. darcy1945

    WTB Hobie 14 jib, trapeze wires NSW

    give me a call 0243591729, everything you need.
  9. darcy1945

    Hobie 14 parts

    H 14, wrecking, most parts available and good condition, v/good pr hulls, super cheap, 02 43591729
  10. Still have this trlr, sorry no pics.
  11. darcy1945

    Trapeze setup

    Yes mate.
  12. darcy1945

    Trapeze setup

    If there is a club near you, have a look at any trap set up, they are all similar, a separate shackle at the hound fitting for the trap wires. give me a call 02 43591729.
  13. Saturday only, Chris Blackford Memorial Race, Mannering Pk Amateur Sailing Club. All cat classes welcome.
  14. This w/end, best 14' cat regatta in Aus, on beautiful Lake Macquarie. see details on MPASC facebook site.