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  1. darcy1945

    Windrush 14 Mast fittings

    The main halyard is flex wire, 2.5-3mm, there should be a halyard loc at the top of the mast, 6mm rope to pull it up. give me a call for 2nd hand bits or message
  2. Also have some Windy and H14 parts available, See Mari site for details. Darcy 02 43591729
  3. Still plenty of v/good parts avail for all 14s, complete Mari14, race rigged, recent rebuild, $800.
  4. Mannering Pk, NSW Central Coast, good condition, spare wheel, jockey wheel, sail box. ph 02 43591729. Darcy.
  5. $300 minus sailboat, or $200 unreg, suit 14/16'
  6. darcy1945

    Windrush jib block location help

    The cleats on the front beam, were for pulling the mast up straight to increase downwind performance, some 6mm line was tied to the forestays, left loose when sailing upwind and pulled tight when downwind. If you have the original jib, you need the original cleats for the aluminium trac. I may have some in the shed. Ph 02 43591729.
  7. Windrush, Mari, Hobie. Stic to these three for availability of 2nd hand spares and advice.
  8. darcy1945

    Caper Cat Jib And Sail Needed

    I have fair to good Mari and Hobie sails from $100, mains and jibs, fit most 14' cats. 02 43591729.
  9. If you have access to the end of the trac, remove the bolt rope and replace with timber dowel, I have done this on Maricats.
  10. darcy1945

    Advice on Windrush 14 purchase

    Yes, but your rudder appears to have stress cracks and should be reenforced ASAP. To remove the rudder.lower it then lift the tiller to ease the spring tension, choc it in the lifted position and remove bolt. I will be sailing at Touley today, drop down if you feel lie a chat.
  11. darcy1945

    New to this.. please help me identify make.

    Just clean it and sail it, don't spend any money on it.
  12. darcy1945

    Advice on Windrush 14 purchase

    Windrush Yachts, in Perth is the only place to buy bits, it's a pair of rivets you need.
  13. darcy1945

    Please help identify

    The sail is an original Windrush Surfcat, at least 40yrs old, possibly older.
  14. Moving house sale of parts collection and complete boats, most parts available in good cond, Masts,sails,beams,booms,rudders etc 02 43591729.
  15. Give me a call 02 43591729, should have all you need, price depends on condition.
  16. darcy1945

    Advice on Windrush 14 purchase

    I am at Mannering Par , also on the coast, give me a call with any questions, have numerous windy parts, good fleet of 14s to race against, Ph 43591729 Darcy.
  17. darcy1945

    New caper cat 14 owner

    I just bought a Taipan for my 4 yr old grandson, I'll be careful with it until he is old enough to sail it on his own. That said, enjoy your new toy.
  18. darcy1945

    Advice on Windrush 14 purchase

    Max price $500, if tramp, sails, rigging and trlr All sound. Where do you live ?
  19. Brain fade on date, Dec, not Nov as in first post.
  20. All cats 5m and over, see MPASC site for details and NOR.
  21. darcy1945

    Marie 4.3 New tramp required please

    Call Graham.
  22. darcy1945

    Rudder rope size

    I prefer 6mm, less chance of jamming between blade and casting, I also file a groove in the top of my blades to keep the pull down rope central.
  23. Negotiable, boat only, Darcy 0243591729
  24. Recent rebuild, new tramp, stays, rudder mod, raked mast, much more, Darcy 02 43591729.