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    Give me a call ref your dolphin striker. 02 43591729.
  2. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    Unless you are 90kg+ , you should sail "Cat rig", Mainsail only.
  3. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    $120, includes post, 2nd hand, fair condition. 02 43591729. \
  4. $20 AU, plus postage
  5. darcy1945

    Buyers guide.

    Hi Steve, I've been rebuilding Maris for many years give me a call on, 02 43591729. Maris start around $300, but a good fault free boat starts at $1200
  6. See MPASC facebook page for NOR and details.
  7. Mannering Park ASC, 10/11 Oct. see MPASC facebook page for NOR and details)
  8. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    The strop broke because it was due for replacement, check your stays and dolphin striker for any sign of damage/wear.
  9. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Jib wanted

    Mari jibs originally were smaller and sheeted to tracks on the front beam. Current jibs are larger, and sheet to tracks or saddle on alloy tramp track, just in front of side stays. Yours appears to be current size. Your sails appear to be in reasonable condition. If original, your boat is an early, Mk1 which (on condition of sails) has seen little use.
  10. darcy1945

    Sail change

    Still available, or, complete rig (Mast, boom and mainsail) $150
  11. darcy1945

    Windrush fleets in the Geelong area

    I'm to far north to help with your local info, just keep posting and learning. Best advice I can give, is to find the local clubs, and go with the fleet that suits your pocket.
  12. darcy1945

    Windrush fleets in the Geelong area

    Good cheap racing , tough with few known faults. A bit more expense, for more performance is the Taipan. Both will carry your 95kg comfortably in "Cat" rig, solo sailing, on trapeze for the Taipan.
  13. Give me a call 02 43591729, before taking them off, I can save you some frustration.
  14. We're talking about getting a $400 boat back on the water in an economical way, spending $400 on 1 new rudder doesn't cut it.
  15. There is usually enough room in the casting to just glass over eacc side of the blade, rough up the area to be glassed with 180 grade, and glass at least 50mm below cracks.
  16. Old ply boat, lightweight, sound condition, glass boards, timber rudders, good tramp, main, spars and rigging, needs paint and minor mech work. No trailer. Mannering Pk, Central Coast, Darcy, 02 43591729.
  17. darcy1945

    Hobie 14 Turbo, $500. Parts, 14/16/18

    H14 parts, mast $75, Boom w'gooseneck $75, 5 batten main $75. Or the lot $150 All good condition. Other bits available, rudders tillers castings etc, cheap.
  18. Ready to sail, registered trlr, sailbox, V/good sails. NSW Central Coast. Darcy 02 43591729 Rudders and castings to suit 14/16/and 18. Some other parts available.
  19. darcy1945

    Windrush14/ Trac14 parts and advise needed

    Check out the site "Windrush Yachts" for specs and price list.
  20. Boat has been completely rebuilt, all fittings reriveted with anti corrosion compound. New bias cut tramp, new stays, new dolphin striker. Raked mast and balanced rudders, 2 to 1 pull down system on rudders, new style traveller, low profile triple blocks. Cat rigged, Very good Mainsail, 6 to 1 vang adjustable from side stays, very good, hulls with no transom damage or repairs Good unregistered trailer with jockey wheel and spare, Darcy 02 43591729 NSW Central Coast
  21. darcy1945

    Mast float for a Windrush 14?

    Tie a couple of 1litre milk bottles to the top of your sail. Mast floats just make it that much harder to right, after capsize.
  22. darcy1945

    WTB Maricat 4.3 Mast hound tang

    Your mast fitting is serviceable (Looking at the photos) I would use what you have, and check it regularly.
  23. darcy1945

    Rudders short timber

    Unless you are racing, stick with what you have. A new rudder setup complete, is worth over $1000.
  24. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Diagram and parts

    Still need the single bungee under the tramp to the trap handles/dogbones.
  25. darcy1945

    Maricat 4.3 Diagram and parts

    The jib sheets go through the rings, the other end is tied to the dogbone of the trap wire, when you are trapezing the jib sheet will be within reach.