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  1. George II

    Fun Vids

    We had 17 Windrush sailing in the Walpole regatta that weekend , and there were 18 Windrush sailing in the States on the same weekend up at Dongra WA. So great to have so many on the water. It was 20/25 knots on the sunday afternoon as seen by the totally flapping sails prior to the start. It was a mixed fleet regatta with 130 boats on the water from Trailer sailors down to optimists with everything in between including moths on foils. A great weekend. Drones make for some great footage and shows the diversity of boats sailing in the regatta. 14yr George did the footage !! Well done .
  2. George II

    Mainsheet length.

    I always buy 10m for the Windrush (which includes the traveller) and I then end up cutting about a metre off it once set up. So between 9 and 10m is the go.
  3. Hi , the squaretop mylar is the same as the previous mylar sails and has a loose foot . It is only the older Dacron sails that have the boltrope on the foot running inside the boom track . rgds .
  4. George II

    Latest WW Kite

    Nice bit of colour From Windrush .
  5. Hi , sorry for delay in reply , been away on hols for 4 weeks. The non - skid is a Stand up paddle board deck grip - very light and sticks on with its own 3M adhesive - so far have found it great . bought it on line from supwarehouse . managed to do the grip on 2 boats with the one deck grip . I think it was about $120 from memory. I have looked and the ring to carry the jib sheet out , but not sure about it , does it ever tangle up with the cleat at all when its on the downwind side ? Rgds.
  6. Hi , Prince Planet asked me to take some photos of the way I rig up my Hiking straps a while ago , and its taken me a bit to get it together , so here goes. I have made up the hiking straps initially as I found I was often too heavy to get fully out on the wire , but with the straps I can still get my wt transferred to the top of the mast which seems to help performance (probably by bending the mast & therefore flattening the sail & moving it up a gear) . now I am more confident trapezing I find the straps are a great way to make the transition out onto the wire. I go onto the strap first and then its an easy step to go out onto the side. this is obviously not for everyone but we have a few guys using this system successfully where I sail . If you need to go back in to adjust the jib sheets or the downhaul etc, you can go back in onto the strap , do the adjustments and then get back out again. And on another note here is a link to my latest gopro video - this time it was the Walpole Regatta , sailed 28th Feb/1st march 2015 . A great mixed fleet regatta. about 85 boats on the water of all shapes and sizes. We had a fleet of 14 cats all up. https://youtu.be/enKuZO4eIzQ It is 9 mins long but it includes footage from all 5 races over 2 days . It does have some footage of me getting in & out using these straps if you are interested. Rgds
  7. George II

    Rudders are a PITA to go down.

    I have trouble every time , but that's because I have got a new set of rudder blades , the new blades are lighter & don't have as much lead in the bottom of them to get them to go down. when I asked Brett at WW about it he just said to use the tiller extension to Push the rudder blades down . Have been doing that ever since & it gets them down fine. I never lift one rudder during a race though , as its too hard to get them down when going at speed. Anyway worth a try. As long as you don't have too flexible tiller ext . (ie doesn't work well with a bit of PVC conduit ) , but if you have an aluminium or Carbon Extension its fine. Good luck. Roger
  8. will try and get some shots on the weekend . Rgds
  9. Hi , That hiking strap is something I have developed for Old heavy weight sailors (ie myself) . took me ages to get into using the trapeze , used to find that I was too heavy to get out at times when others were trapezing , so to counter this I made up this strap which is attached to the 2 screw bolts on the front & rear beam , I could basically hook on the trapeze and get my bum over the side , so like a half way trapezing position with my feet on the inside strap. It still had the effect of transferring your body wt to the top of the mast, flattening the sail and increasing speed , so it worked well . Now I am better at trapezing properly I use these straps as a way to get out easily . I go on to those straps to start and then its an easy step out to the side of the boat. , Same can be done when you come back in or if you have to come in a bit to adjust the jib sheets or something else . They are simple and make getting in & out a lot easier . Have fitted them to about 6 boats around where we sail. The trick was having a small loop of 2-3mm dyneema rope that can fit under where the bolt goes without getting crushed and broken. the dyneema flattens out nicely and fits the gap that the washer under the bolt leaves. As for the videos , yes be nice to be able to give the action shots more professional touches , but alas I am very much an amateur (and with a very dodgy computer) . My videos are mainly for the people involved , or those involved in the events , or who know the people involved. Its just a side benefit that they can show some action of sailing a WW 14 to the wider public . Obviously a good professional promotional video , or a link to one would be a good thing to have on all Windrush websites , eg factory , your site, associations , and all clubs who sail them . But that really won't happen due to the "Professional " bit .(ie big costs) So in the meantime its just good to get what exposure we can out and about in these modern mediums of Facebook or YouTube & hope some new sailors catch the bug. rgds .
  10. they are having issues in that area of WA as I was at windrush on Tuesday buying some bits and Neither the Computer to printer connection would work for the invoice , or the Eftpos machine , no signal . It wasn't just Windrush as I went up the road to get something at Doyle sails (1/2 a block away ) and they had the same problems.
  11. Hi , for my part I have been posting a few action videos on Youtube of sailing on the Windrush 14 , one for enjoyment but two to help promote the class and the places we sail . I post most of my clips onto the Denmark Yacht Club facebook page , again in the hope it may help attract more members . We can but try . here are the links to all my youtube clips featuring the WW14 , feel free to pass them around if it helps promote the class. Rgds . http://youtu.be/m4e_5tlUZNQ http://youtu.be/7gzOauXIk_E http://youtu.be/1Ug2gRJG6sc http://youtu.be/7fB9iOM0hZ0 http://youtu.be/wT1uN3-AZ3A http://youtu.be/DOzaUeeNXZ4 http://youtu.be/8vvCTEsXFmE http://youtu.be/Ya44ZDw-gkg http://youtu.be/onR9P_WvOtM http://youtu.be/fzsNagvxZEc
  12. George II

    WA State Titles - some footage

    Attached with a gopro Velcro wrist strap around the end of the boom . but I also have a security tether around the camera to a secure point . I use various positions in my videos , but for that states one I left it at the boom end. That's a good overall position. I do use the chest harness occasionally - that's a good view when you are out on the trapeze , Also have a handlebar clamp I secure to the Forestay adjuster up at the hounds on the mast - that gives a good looking sown angle. Ideally I would like to have footage from 3-4 different positions to make a video , helps it to not be too boring. I also have another mount I put between the forestay bridles & it hangs just under where the jib attaches . thing with mounts is you just have to try different positions to see what turns up. Braid fishing line is good for the security tethers ! rgds .
  13. Hi Windrush Sailors, here is a youtube link to some footage I took at the recent WA state titles held in Albany WA. I have put up a few other clips on youtube as well if you search Windrush 14 . Rgds. http://youtu.be/m4e_5tlUZNQ
  14. George II

    Windrush 14 Sailing on Yorke Peninsula SA

    good way to test your boat to make sure nothing is going to break loading it up with crew & a good wind. If it survives that you know everything is OK. Nice work.
  15. George II

    Windrush Trapeze help

    Just watch out for those dog bones when they are not being used & they are dangling & swinging about (held by the shock cord tension) , I have had a bad tooth chip from those flying objects. I now use the Hobie trapeze rings which are plastic coated and a lot healthier to contact. FYI I have also now gone to 2 or 2.5 mm Dynema rope instead of trapeze wires. been working well for a few seasons now.