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  1. Hi all We're upgrading our C2 so here's a great opportunity to join the growing WA based F18 fleet with a very competitive and well maintained boat. 2011 model Goodall Design C2 that has been fully maintained and updated each year to finish regularly within top 10 at F18 National Titles. Weigh's in at only a couple of kg's over minimum weight and has not gained weight over it's life. - Goodall Main and Jib - Ullman Main and Jib (1 regatta old) - 2 x Goodall Kites - 1 x Ullman Kite (1 regatta old) - Adjustable trapeze x 4 - New spinnaker sheet, new spinnaker halyard, new cunningham sheet, new jib halyard. - New spinnaker halyard cleat - Updated Dyneema to all loaded points - New spinnaker pole - Beach wheels and seats Hulls are in excellent condition. Polished regularly throughout the season. Boat warehoused over winter and under full cover during the season. Happy to take prospective owners for test sails and also share rigging and tuning tips to get the boat up to speed quickly. Can supply with or without trailer. Can also supply without option of new Ullman's. Price - $18,500 (ex trailer) Phone - Gavin Parker 0417 902 726 or email gavin@sunindustries.com.au
  2. gavparker

    2013 F18 Nationals ????

    Works well for us!! We've got to get over from Perth so the Christmas break period is ideal. I'd have thought the timing was good as a lead in event for the Nacra worlds. Load up a 40' container and ship the boats down, race them and ship them back up.
  3. gavparker

    2013 F18 Nationals ????

    Thx NOR available yet??
  4. Anyone have any news on this?? Keen to get training. Cheers Gavin
  5. gavparker

    F18 Upgrade - Advice / Boat Wanted

    I'd wait a couple of months to see what happens with the Olympic selections. IF the Tiger's selected then the natioanals could have some good numbers present and the value of your boat will hold. I had a Tiger and changed it over for a C2 - awesome boat.
  6. For Sale 2008 model based at Nedlands Yacht Club, WA. The boat is in mint condition with: - STX main - Fully battened jib - New model snuffer - Stand alone sail box - Full Tiger cover - The best beach wheels in the world - soooooo easy to use. - We've just replaced sheets, some rigging and dagger boards have been professionally finished at Windrush. We're going to get another F18 and would like to keep it in WA to grow the fleet but happy to talk to others. $16,000.00 ono. 2 season old boat for almost $10k under a new boat price!! Soft seasons too. Club sailing and one Tiger nationals only. Cheers Gavin Parker 0417 902 726 [ATTACH=CONFIG]26[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]27[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]28[/ATTACH]