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  1. Prince Planet

    Rudders short timber

    Try Windrush Yachts - they might have some old stock - but honestly, unless u r sailing in shallow waters all the time - the new deep kick-up rudders transform the boat ... Just no comparison for speed and handling... PP
  2. Prince Planet

    Clubs racing

    Then u r probably aware that the only 'active' racing fleet is based at Port Kembla? Not sure how many there are at Mannering Park - but I'm pretty sure they're Maricat-centric up there... I'm Sydney-based, and have tried (in vain) on a few occasions to get some interest from those guys to occasionally travel up to Kurnell Catamaran Club - even if it was for just a 1-day event - however, they have never come up as a group... so I pretty much gave up... I also tried to get a Sydney Social Catamaran Sailor's Group happening - but likewise, no real interest shown - even when there were at least 3 Windrush 14 sailors that could have got together on the odd occasion... or participated in the occasional 1-day regatta. Everyone in Sydney is just too 'busy' to commit to anything that requires regular participation - and that's just a sad fact of the modern lifestyle that Sydney-siders have to deal with... That's why, IMHO, the only way to generate interest is to not focus too much on the racing aspect - but to offer it as an occasional thing to do... PP
  3. Prince Planet

    Clubs racing

    Hi Kurt, where are you based? PP
  4. Prince Planet

    Cartwheeling (nose diving)

    A Maricat and Hobie 16 are completely different pussycats... there's no point in comparing techniques... When it's blowing 20 knots+, and you're sailing cat-rigged, you will most likely have to do the 3-point 'reverse-tack' 7 times out of 10 - UNLESS you happen to pick exactly the right moment to throw the cat into a tack, and the swell and or waves help push the bows around. In very strong winds (20-25knots) you need to be brutal - or the boat will control you, instead of you controlling it... Above 25 knots it's 'survival' - and personally, it's too scary to be enjoyable... Anyway, you honestly have to 'crash-tack' in 20knots + which usually involves heavy swell and waves. The fact that u r caught in irons and the boat won't steer indicates that the boat isn't tuned properly and/or set-up correctly... AND your timing is woefully off... 😛 Surely there are Maricat gurus who can offer some personal advice here... as a Windrush 14 sailor I can only offer general advice...
  5. Prince Planet

    Cartwheeling (nose diving)

    Simple solution: When it's blowing 20knots + leave the jib on-shore... unless you're 100kgs or more - in which case hang your arse over the rear beam and go for it... All 70's plasti-cats have the front beam too far forward to allow 'safe' broad-reaching in 20 knots + and that's just the way it is - as confirmed above... Sure, tacking is harder without the jib, but the extra power of the jib just isn't needed in those conditions if you're of average weight... Other solution? Sail a Windrush 14 instead - they're MUCH nicer in scary off-wind conditions... The Maricat is basically a Hobie 14 Mark 2... much more user-friendly - but still without the front buoyancy it needs - and that's why the Windrush 14 was so successful - it has a much more forgiving hull shape... Having said that, the really good skippers know how to sail in these conditions - they have their boats tuned properly with the correct mast rake and their trampolines/platforms TIGHT etc - which considerably reduces 'twist' in the structure - thus preventing pitch-poling in all but severe weather conditions.. PP
  6. Trial Bay at South West Rocks... beautiful and safe spot to sail and camp... although I did the B & B Thang when I was there... Check YouTube for an excellent windsurfing video showcasing the bay... "South West Rocks Windsurfing" by Paul Van Bellen On the way up there's Port Stephens of course...
  7. Prince Planet


    Hi Pete, do whatever's easiest and most efficient. If that means a link to a Facebook Group - that in turn links back to the new Windrush Association Website - then why not? My only 'concern' is that allowing anyone to post comments can sometimes lead to unwelcome 'trolling'... however getting on FB certainly exposes the boat and it's great flexibility to a lot more potential sailors... And of course FB also allows videos to be posted too... Anyway, not sure if this is what you meant? Back 2U… PP
  8. Prince Planet

    Rigging Help

    Check this site out - lots of good info here:- http://lswsa.org.au/windrush-600-pages/
  9. Prince Planet

    Rigging Help

    OK Michelle, well u r lucky - Windrush Yachts is there in O'Connor, Perth. You can find Brett's detail online - he will be able to help you sort it out... I'm in Sydney - so it's harder from a distance... You'll have a ball on it - just don't venture too far off-shore until you know your - and the boats' limitations...
  10. Prince Planet

    Rigging Help

    Yep - that's a Windrush 600. Where r u based / planning on sailing? PP
  11. Prince Planet

    Rigging Help

    Is it a Windrush 600? Pleez post any pix - so we can see what you have...
  12. Prince Planet

    WILDCAT Regatta October 1-2-3

    Hi, what kind of courses will be offered - anything for non-spinnaker boats - and in particular for the 14's? PP
  13. Prince Planet


    Looking good...! May I suggest a section / page for each state - where owners can post pics showing how they enjoy their boats? PP
  14. Prince Planet

    Yet another newbie advice thread

    IMHO, it's not 'insane' to buy new... as long as you buy the 'right' boat 4U… Buying new means you'll be immediately competitive - assuming of course you know what you're doing... The hard part about used boats is to find 1 that's not gonna cost you at least what you already paid for it (or more) - to make it competitive... The other thing is you must be realistic about its primary use. If it's 90% racing - then the Taipan is probably the right boat - especially if there are clubs nearby - and there's at least 1 sailor willing to help you get up to speed... But it it's going to be a dual-purpose boat - and you don't want the hassle of centre-boards, you want fast single-handed rigging and the ability to go where you want occasionally - on your own (complete independence) then the Windy / Maricat / Nacra 430 makes a whole lot more sense... With a set of beach rollers, you can quite easily launch and retrieve most 14 footers. Skippers in the know will also share the single-handed mast raising techniques with you. The Nacra 450 is just too large and heavy to do most of that - but definitely an excellent load-carrier for when you take heavier crew along for the thrills. Unfortunately the Taipan (and boats like it) can't effectively sail in shallow water due to centre-boards. Like the Paper Tiger - it's a little fragile if handled poorly. At 75kgs - u r spot-on to be competitive in the Windrush 14 / Maricat 4.3 / Nacra 430 Super-sloop configurations. They're pretty indestructible - and can be rigged/de-rigged solo - and sailed pretty much anywhere... The pix above of the W14 Super Sloop clearly demonstrate that if you can find a nice bulkhead or foam sandwich boat - you'll have a ball - without all the hassles and drama of the larger boats... If you can somehow stumble across a genuinely good (cared for) used Windy / Maricat or Nacra 430 - you should seriously consider it. But be prepared to pay more than $5K. About $6K - $8K is the going price... and if it's a Windy or Maricat make sure it's around the 105kgs rigged weight - max. The Nacra 430 is heavier - but not sure how much heavier... You just don't see Taipans, or even Paper Tigers being sailed off sandy beaches purely for pleasure. They were designed as racing boats - and are very good at it - but not so nice as 'fun / easy-to-sail' recreational craft. The Taipan will 99% of the time require someone to help rig it - and to manipulate it on and off the trailer - after all it's a 16ft boat - albeit a light boat at 105kgs all-up - but if I'm wrong then someone please correct me... The Nacra 450 is nearly 130kgs and 15ft long - so realistically needs 2 to manhandle it... either that or get thyself to a gym and put on 25kgs of muscle... For a very good comparison, download the current VYC Catamaran Yardsticks - you'll notice the N450 and Windrush 14 Super Sloop are within 1 'point' of each other... and suggested skipper weight is also very, very close too... http://websites.sportstg.com/get_file.cgi?id=36015974 As suggested above, finding a good used boat (without hidden faults) is the real difficulty. That's why buying new can make a lot of sense. Realistically, it means you shouldn't have to buy anything for it for at least 5 years - and you can just hop on – tune it correctly – and go for it... It's what I did - and I don't regret it a bit. Keep in mind that you can sail to handicap at any club - it's only if you want the same boat that others are sailing that that aspect becomes the deciding factor... PP
  15. Prince Planet

    Yet another newbie advice thread

    Some pix from South Gippsland Yacht Club... PP