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  1. rat of vengence

    Attaching tiller elbows

    Thanks heaps Darcy, I appreciate your willingness to answer silly questions. I'll get there lol Dave
  2. rat of vengence

    Attaching tiller elbows

    Hi fellas, while I was getting a new tiller arm from Brisbane Cat Centre (thanks for referring them Tish!) I decided to replace the old tube and hose clamp elbow bodge with the real elbow joins. My question is; how do you fasten them to the tiller tubes? Clearly there's a couple of holes at that end, offset from each other. Do I pop in a couple of long screws? I don't want to stuff them up by putting needless holes in them, so help me out Thanks, Dave
  3. rat of vengence

    Tiller bar, she broke!

    Thanks Jish, the casting is fine, it's the aluminium tube itself. Is that generally a replacement part or a fabrication to fix? Dave
  4. rat of vengence

    Tiller bar, she broke!

    Hi fellas, I've managed to snap the aluminum tiller bar at the point it enters the casting for the rudder swivel. I swung my cat around stern-to the shore, but a bit of a swell picked it up and landed it on the rudders. My bad 😕 Anyway, are spare parts for this a thing, or will I need to source the appropriate tubing and fabricate a replacement? Thanks in advance for any help Dave
  5. rat of vengence

    Finding parts

    sorry double post :/
  6. rat of vengence

    Finding parts

    Well, the saga continues. Ian at Redhead had told me he could do it a few weeks after Easter. Okay, no problem. Three weeks past Easter, nothing. I send an email. Several weeks later, nothing, I leave a message on his phone. Another couple of weeks another message. Another couple of weeks Ian sends me an SMS to say "Sorry the Mari tramp is not done as I was tied upon a job. I am now away and won't get to it till August. I will ring on my return. Not impressed at all.
  7. rat of vengence

    Finding parts

    "Also Redhead do one but I don't know what the price is. " Thanks heaps Jimbo, I just rang Redhead and he can do it for $480 " Dolphin striker wire should be very tight with the boat unrigged. " Got it, thanks PR. Interesting about the timber, must be hard to find the right type in Australia. Dave
  8. rat of vengence

    Finding parts

    Hi Darcy, I called him, and he said he wasn't doing them anymore due to being busy, but he'd do one for me. 6 weeks later after a couple of unanswered messages he messaged me to say he's changed his mind and is too busy. Oh well, bit peeved I've missed a lot of good sailing waiting for him to let me know :/ I've gotten a replacement dolphin striker wire, (my parents volunteer with the Sydney Heritage Fleet, dad swaged it for me there), and advice on how to ensure I've tensioned it correctly? Thanks again, Dave
  9. rat of vengence

    Finding parts

    Thanks for the reply PR, most helpful. I remember seeing some pics of a boat with a cracked front beam after the wire went, so we were sailing very 'gently' to get it back. We were damned lucky it didn't go when we were near the bridge, it was choppy as a very choppy thing. Yes, the boat has the old laced tramp. The tape has gone on the sides, and the stitches at the front, so I guess it's had it's day. A couple of years ago I had the rear edge of the tramp retaped with truck tautliner vinyl, it's holding up really well, but it's not worth having the other 3 edges retaped and hoping it all still fits right :/ "Mick Colecliffe at Lemon Tree Passage Marine" I Googled that and the closest it came up with was 'Port Stephens Marine' at Lemon Tree Passage. Is that the right one? " very good not original tramps via Darcy " I'll try to message him. Thanks again for the help Dave
  10. rat of vengence

    Finding parts

    Hi all, I have managed to do a bit of damage to my Maricat. My mate and I took it out from west of the Gladesville Bridge and sailed out under the Harbour Bridge. The tramp was starting to let go along the hulls, but the rough conditions getting out to the harbour really took a toll, so a new tramp is needed. Unfortunately, when we were a couple of k away from the boat ramp the tensioning wire that runs under the dolphin striker snapped. My uneducated guess is the tramp takes some of the tension and it's split condition meant it wasn't doing it's job? So, the questions. Where's the best place to get a replacement tramp? Is there special arcane knowledge I need to replace the wire under the dolphin striker, like how tensioned it should be? Thanks fellas, Dave
  11. Just wanted to give some feedback on my visit to CRSC last weekend. What a friendly bunch! LOADS of monohulls, some paper tigers and a half dozen lovely Maricats! In my wisdom I left the jib strop pictured above on my desk at home, and an older gentleman (Gary?) loaned a whole jib to us so we could sail! We will definitely be back, probably as members. Dave
  12. The moons have aligned, leave passes have been issued. My mate and I will be at CRSC tomorrow, message sent to Adrian Dave
  13. Wise words Korwich, thanks. I will line up a weekend with my mate and co-owner, and contact the fellas. Thanks mate. Dave
  14. Thanks for that fellas. Sounds like Concord/Ryde will be our next outing! What's the best time to rock up there? Is parking much of an issue? Dave
  15. rat of vengence

    Putting in the bungs

    I forgot to put the bungs in once, we were wondering why it was wallowing so much.... Dave