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    Broome Catamaran Hire

    I am planning to be in Broome for a couple days in the first week of September. Would anyone be able to provide me with any advice regarding hiring a beach cat in Broome? Would anybody know of any businesses that they could recommend?
  2. Pursey

    rudder lever clip

    Many thanks for the photos
  3. Pursey

    rudder lever clip

    Could somebody kindly supply a photo of the newer cleat solution? Cheers
  4. Pursey

    MK1 Setup

    I have been making some progress with a mk1 Maricat that I inherited this summer. The boat was in fair condition although the sun had perished some but far from all parts over the years. So far I have: had my trampoline bolt rope restitched replaced the tiller bar ends with rope filled automotive heater hose replaced clips and shock cord for beach rudder system replaced shoruds with new 3.2mm stainless 7x19 At the moment i have in progress: building a beach trolley, I now have the aluminium tube and wheels :-) dolphin striker wire replacement bridle wire for jib change trailer suspension over to leaf spring setup (the torsion bar rubber is looking tired) I would like to know a bit more about jib blocks and how they are commonly set up on Maricats. Are people using tracks or could anyone tell me any cheap effective ways to manage the jib sheet? I ask all this because have a jib which came with the boat, however the boat has never been rigged for sloop. Also do many people still keep the cat rig forestays attached while sailing sloop for casual sailing?
  5. Pursey

    tramp wanted

    Hey fellas. I am in the same position that Odie was in back in December. I have inherited a MKII Mari 4.3 and need to source a trampoline. I could have the current one restitched along the edges but would much rather invest in new tramp. Humungus2 I will send you and email in reference to this thread, could you please send me through your price list? Would the item you have on hand suit the Mari's with the traveler integrated in the beam?