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  1. arjay

    just saying hi

    Shazam was never in Vic - built in Canberra and stayed there all its life. Glad to see it back on the water - was an extremely fast boat in it's day.
  2. Vic Cobras are again holding State Titles at the Lake Boga Easter Regatta. More info will be on the cobracat.com website, or the following link http://lakebogayachtclub.org.au/easter-regatta/ All Cobras and other cats welcome
  3. Victorian Cobra State Titles will be held at the Lake Boga Easter Regatta. Friday 25th March to Monday 28th March. Regatta info here: http://lakebogayachtclub.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/2016-Easter-Brochure.pdf Register for State Titles at the venue - see Rick Nixon
  4. Mac, There are 2 designs around at the moment - long storey. The short version is one will go straight on existing rigs - no changes required. They are much more forgiving when sailing one up, gybing and in heavy conditions. Still playing with shape and battens - but they seem to go quite well. Rick
  5. arjay

    Cobra fix up

    Mac Just be careful removing the ply - you may find it is only 3 ply - and you maybe better to sand off 1 layer and fibreglass. Taking off 1.5 layers of ply in this area may lead to an unwanted out come - unless you fibreglass inside first. Rick
  6. arjay

    New on forum so introduction

    Funny you should say that - we have dabbled with spinnakers - big learning curve. Rick
  7. arjay

    New on forum so introduction

    Mac, Good to hear that you are getting a Beattie boat back on the water. Most of Daryl's boats that are still sailing are very competitive. I have sailed with my son at 160 + kgs and been competitive at this weight - just got fuller sails. Let me know if you need any bits - may be able to help. regards, Rick
  8. arjay

    Cobra fix up

    When I have screws in timber I always use epoxy glue to hold the screw and seal the timber - always easy to remove and glue back in. If you use epoxy resin as a glue - add aerosil to thicken and stop it running as much. To make a bog from epoxy resin, add aerosil and micro balloons (or Q cells). This will make a bog that is compatible with the resin / timber and easy to sand, and paint. Be careful when painting, that the spray primer is compatible with the existing paintwork. Look forward to seeing the boat on the water Rick
  9. arjay

    Cobra sails

    Luke, Give Dave Eikmeyer a ring at Quantum Mornington Regards, Rick
  10. Sorrento held Catweek in 1981, and Wangi Wangi may have held it in 1982-3. Hope this helps Rick
  11. arjay

    Older plywood cat

    There were a couple sailing at Safety Beach in the 70's. They must have been at Lake Boga as well - there is a couple of Solo 16 sails hanging from the Yacht Club ceiling.
  12. John, Where are you? I am in Melb and have some old boards that could get you on the water. regards, Rick
  13. arjay

    Stingray Crash photos

    Kev, Sorry to hear of your misadventure - hope you are OK. It was good to meet at the Nat's. Let us know if we can help out with boat bits/repairs. regards, Rick
  14. arjay

    New cobra sailor

    The centre beam is now redundant - if you remove it you will find easier to tack:) There is some info on Cobracat.com on rigging and sailing Cobras - see under the documents page.
  15. I have the conduit at the front and bolt rope in the rear beam. I use an aluminium tube in lieu of conduit - you can pull up tighter. If you have the conduit/tube at the rear - more chance of losing the mainsheet through the rear beam tramp connection - and a real pain to recover in twenty knots:) Regards, Rick