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    A fair background in sailing - Principal of Sailing school for a number of years - full set of quals to support.
    40,000 plus miles - 10 Hobarts - blah blah.
    Avid supporter of all things sailing
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    Caper 18 & Nacra 5.8

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    Sailing, and finding time to do more sailing
  1. Umoja

    Towing cats

    Peter are you going to replace the cat - or scrap it all I have a 5.8 that Rosco is sorting out for me that will be surplus to requirements (not enough time to get out) older model. if you are scrapping - would be interested in some bits
  2. Umoja

    Second cat ideas please

    Have you ever thought of a CAPER 18 ( note self interest here - I have one) Big roomy cat - carries all the people you can imagine - 3 adults easily - two adults two kids really easily relatively forgiving - furling head sail good hull storage etc etc I could go on - they are not - and never will be a fast racing lightweight cat - robust they are though. cheers Ian
  3. Remanufactured trailer with new running gear, axle, springs, wheels,lights,wiring - all complete -previously rego in NSW Good Fibreglass sail box with the trailer - $700 Call Ian 0410 301 932 Sorry Folks - the trailer is now SOLD
  4. Umoja

    Catamaran Trailer-

    Hawky what did you have in mind for pick up etc Annie my other half and her daughter are going to Byron on or about the 17th Dec - if you could commit to collecting then - it would save you half of a big trip. You would have to meet them on arrival as Annie doesn't have a lot of confidence towing a trailer. Just a thought cheers Ian
  5. Folks I have a re manufactured catamaran trailer for sale ( long and funny story & your welcome to ask) New wiring - full lights,-new rollers - wheels, new axle and new springs _(rated 270 kgs) able to adjust front cradles - - currently rego for NSW - but will change to QLD as required - trailer is [ATTACH=CONFIG]999[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]998[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]999[/ATTACH] I do have a 3 metre sail box - from an earlier time and that is available separately. the trailer is currently stored near Manly in Brisbane Ian Kelly 0410301932
  6. Umoja

    wanted cat trailer

    Hawky I have just "re manufactured" a cat trailer - in process of re- registering it new wiring, new lights - wheels, axle, springs, bearings- I have photos and ideally would suit someone with a looking for a better piece of equipment- please contact me should this be of interest Ian 0410301932
  7. Greg keen to investigate this a little further - pse call or txt 0410301932 to discuss thx
  8. Sounds like a plan Greg can you give me a call to discuss please 0410301932
  9. Folks, I have a complete rudder system - with kick up tillers for sale. Originally installed on a CAPER 18 - would easily configure across to the 14 or similar. Blades in good condition - and highfield levers and kick up mechanism all working well. Please contact Ian 0410301932 cheers /).../)
  10. Umoja

    Weather sites

    Folks, for those of you with a keen eye on the weather the attached link is brilliant http://forum.weatherzone.com.au/ubbthreads.php/topics/588030/TROPICAL_WEATHER_LINKS#Post588030