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  1. PeterM

    wtb 18' foot cat sail

    Hi Mick, the foot is 2570 mm and luff is 7270 mm. I took some pics and will upload tonight.
  2. PeterM

    wtb 18' foot cat sail

    I have a Hobie 18 XL set of mylar sails in good condition, main with battens and a jib. call or tx me if you are interested 0411406720
  3. PeterM

    Hobie T2

    It is the mark 2 of this boat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D-b23EM9Rc, its been around for several years There is video of the T2 with a screecher on Scott's W/S http://slhobie.com.au/hobiecats/rotomolded-catamarans/517-hobie-t2
  4. PeterM


    You would be better off with a Hobie 17 + sports/turbo as you could sail 1 up at 70+ kg or with a smaller crew, 5.0 is a real bad noise diver al lthe guys I've seen with them sell them after one season.
  5. PeterM

    The future of 14 foot cat racing

    You can buy a new Hobie 14 in Europe for 5,900Euros = $9,000, 3 months ago it converted to http://www.hobieclass.com/?Page=9655
  6. PeterM

    New VYC ratings

    Getting facts correct here, the Hobie 16 only moved 0.5 to 83 from 82.5 which has been its YS from 2009 to 2012. You need to look at the context RELIABLE for Hobie 16 and a change from TENTATIVE to PROBABLE for mozie+spin. Also look at Hobie 16+spin at tentative 78.5 vs Moz+spin at 77 and F16 at 69, you are not being treated as an F16, the moz+spin is rated a PROBABLE 11.6% slow than the RELIABLE F16 at 69. Additionally you need to look at the other criteria "when sailed well". To test that you sail well get a good Hobie 16 and turn up at the QLD Hobie state champs (or WA, VIC and NSW) and see where you are placed in a fleet that ranges from girls and guy in the top 15 in the world in their class down to club sailors. If you kick but your concerns are valid if you get lapped in a 40 minute race your need a lot of skill development.
  7. PeterM

    H16 h18 jibs

    hobie 16 jib is too big in all three direction
  8. Hi Mike, try one on at the Canberra Yacht Club boat shop
  9. PeterM

    hobie getaway

    Hobie Getaway centre line is 2005mm.
  10. PeterM

    Windrush 14 parts for sale.

    There is a guy in Canberra looking for a set of Windy rudders and castings his number is 0424301058.
  11. Hi Mike Darcy, I am at sailing the Hobie States at Wangi this weekend if that help, can carry a second mast back to Canberra for a LPG fuel contribution. Peter
  12. PeterM

    No dolphin-striker on my Hydra??

    Its only a problem if you weigh a lot or sail in strong wind and sea conditions or have a trapeze wire on the boat or two or more of these factors!
  13. This Hobie Association download will help: http://www.hobieclass.com/site/hobie/ihca/downloads/hobieu/HobieU.pdf . Spreder rake is related to you crew weight, full rake for light crew less rake as you get fatter. Peter
  14. Hi Jon, Nedlands SC has about 20 Hobie 16s sailing, get a good one in the east take it there and they will teach you how to sail fast and in a big fleet, sell it for what you paid after two years, then your next posting you will be able to get the local boat type and kick some butt, http://www.nyc.org.au/Download-document/247-Hobie-Welcome-Pack-2011-2012.html cheers Peter
  15. PeterM

    Hobie 14 main on a Hobie 16

    Hi Tony, Yes the Hobie 14 main does fit on the Hobie 16 you just need a strop from the top of the halyard to the sail head and a longer outhaul rope. It is like having 2 reefs in on a Hobie 16 sail not 1 as is able to be put in on older pre-1994 sails.