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  1. foyker

    restored 80's cobra for sale

    DEPOSIT TAKEN ,Thanks John !
  2. foyker

    restored 80's cobra for sale

    Still for sale....PRICE DROP ! TO $900 Keen to see go to a good home!
  3. Built by Peter Cherry in Newcastle in the early 80's in fiberglass this cobra has been extensively restored about 18 months ago includes , 2pak paint ,new rigging ,new jib ,modern rebuilt reo'd trailer ,beach wheels. regretful sale . $1200 call paul on 0422837574 will help with delivery if necessary see ebay for photos
  4. foyker

    New cobra sailor

    I have a cobra stored a tanilba bay,happy to get together for a sail one weekend if he is in the area.
  5. foyker

    Cobra swing dagger boards

    And i would be happy just to be there, front or back, but unfortunatly the plans for chrissy and the new year are already locked in.look out next time as long as the old girl can hold together till then!
  6. foyker

    Cobra swing dagger boards

    Hello Robbi, I won't make the nationals this year , the boat might be ready but i have'nt raced cats for nearly 20 years so i would like to do some club racing before i try racing you blokes! Thanks for the centreboard ,if i could meet you on the h/way around newcastle somewere that would be great , just let me know where and when! cheers Paul.
  7. foyker

    Cobra swing dagger boards

    Thanks for the encouragement gents,I am happy with the way it's going.The sails are ready,new jib,repaired main and my father has offered to finish painting it and we came up eith a plan for the tramp, so hoping to have it ready for chrisssy holidays! Robert,did you get a chance to look for that centerboard? cheers. Paul.
  8. foyker

    Cobra swing dagger boards

    I think your on the right track Damo,what was intended to be a quick tidy-up of on old boat to get us on the water has turned into a full restoration job with some unexpected problems that i have to 'hope' i have fixed properly.The main problem is the way the tramp is set up,it is laced to the front and back beams which is normal but the sides are not fixed to the hulls,they just have a wire rope running through them then attached to the beams and tensioned But this has lead to a failure in the rear bulkhead. I have fixed that one but there must be a better way and i am worried about the other bulkheads and wether the hulls are strong enough to have a track or something screwed to them to support the sides. I attached some photos,the hulls have had some glass work done on the very bottoms ,they had worn paper thin from being dragged on the beach.they have hed two coats of undercoat and one topcoat all with brush and roller but i am not happy with the finish so am in the middle of rubbing back and will spray the final coat. The more i do on it the fussier i am getting! so now iam thinking i would have been good to start from scratch but it was'nt till i bought the old boat off the side of the road, with my son's insistance,that i've got enthusiastic about cobrs's again.I use to sail them when i was a boy! Cheers. Paul P[ATTACH=CONFIG]438[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]436[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]437[/ATTACH]
  9. foyker

    Cobra swing dagger boards

    Hi Damo , I mean't to ask if you found out any info on your boat? Mine is fiberglass ,it has the 'grip tape' moulded into a slightly curved deck in a uniform pattern running from the front stays right down to the back,also little cobra symbols moulded into the front deck and transom.I think peter made most of his boats in the 70s and 80s cheers. Paul
  10. foyker

    Cobra swing dagger boards

    Hi Damo,Robert, Thanks for the replies,The mast sounds about the same condition as the one i have so i might as keep going with that one. The centerboard is fiberglass,made in two halves and glued together with foam in the middle.Would you need any measurements to confirm it will fit, or should they all be the the same? Thanks again Paul
  11. Hi all, I am restoring an old peter cherry built cobra in Newcastle NSW,one of the dagger boards is just about had it so i was wondering if anyone knew of any 'laying around' anywhere. Also a guy on ebay has a mast and boom for sale for a cobra , has anyone checked them out? Are they any good? Hope to have the cat back on the water soon ,sail number is 239 and will be sailing with spears point club on lake maquarie. Any help appriciated! Thanks. Paul alford.