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  1. Scotti

    2014 Basin Classic

    Dam this crap weather. I was so looking forward to this
  2. Scotti

    2014 Basin Classic

    Should be there for this. Where will you guys be rigging up? Info here: http://sibyc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Basin-Classic-NOR-2014.pdf http://sibyc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Basin-Classic-2014-Course.pdf
  3. Scotti

    Jervis Bay / Vincentia Sailing Club

    Here you go. http://hobieworlds.com/ or just check out their page on Facebook. Its been good to watch, wind had caused a bit of havoc but today is looking real good.
  4. Scotti

    Jervis Bay / Vincentia Sailing Club

    Yes mate. I am lucky enough to live here. Its a magic place to live. I try to sail a couple of times a week, last week it was 4 days sailing out of 5. Hope you enjoy your holidays and i might see you on the water. Just got off the water after watching the first heat of the Hobie 16 ft world Champions, unfortunately its been put on wind hold due to it blowing over 60kph. Cheers Scotti
  5. Scotti

    Jervis Bay / Vincentia Sailing Club

    Hi mate. No worries about leaving your boat on the beach at plantation point, plenty of room to pull it up on the dunes. You might want to bring a set of beach wheels with you as at low tide it can be around 30 meters to the water. The Vincentia sailing club run on most Sundays with their fleet of Hobie sixteen's or you can just sail around the whole bay like I do in my Maricat. Bring your camera the you as there is plenty of dolphins around. Check out my video on Youtube "Sailing Cool Bananas" Hope this info helps Cheers Scotti
  6. Scotti

    Tuning Guide

    Excellent information. Thanks heaps Scotti
  7. Just like to say a big thank you to the sailors and the crew from the club for there friendly welcome and great technical advice when i went up to watch the racing on saturday. Cheers Scotti