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  1. hobie

    Hobie 18 Fleet Growing again

    yes we sailed today an launched 2 more new hobie 18`s, hawky and tonys new boats, good luck with ur new boats and welcome to our ranks! hopr u love your new toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more boats to swell the fleet. and in winter tooo!
  2. hobie

    Hobie 18 Fleet Growing again

    we where going to sail, but the weather is not playing ball with us on sunday ! but club will be open for socail day. 23/06/ 2013
  3. hobie

    Hobie 18 Fleet Growing again

    the hobie 18 fleet keeps on growing, even in winter sailors are snapping them up! two more boats have been bought before the season begins! if u have one for sale, let us know as more want a boat. happy hobie days!
  4. hobie

    The future of 14 foot cat racing

    yes but again. how much is a nacra 17? and when can u get one! will blow off all the sailors that dont have the money! the maris are a cheap entry and still have good racing! with a good assocatoin as is happening, they will grow in numbers.
  5. hobie

    Toukleys brass Monkey

    results are up on toukley sailing clubs web page
  6. hobie

    Hobie 18 main sail wanted

    mate their is a good 18 main on the central coast n/s/w all white! call brad 0413353227 for details
  7. hobie

    hobie 18 wanted

    hobie 18`s wanted any condition or any parts! 0413353227.
  8. hobie

    Toukleys brass Monkey

    have spoken to arie about the race results, and he will post them as soon as he gets a chance, should be early this week! sorry i dont have them! and he is busy working! thanks for alls patient time!
  9. hobie

    The future of 14 foot cat racing

    mate must say the old hobie 18`s are still a cheap boat to buy, and old ones are still competive. as my $ 200 boat proved at toukley! won a race and was up the front in most. thats why this class is growing again. they have not changed in 30yrs, and can be sailed single up to 18knts no problem. toukley now has 8 of them sailing next season and this fleet will only grow! but are a bit of a handful for juniors. the problem with other class`s is they keep spending money and updateing their riggs! i know all are talking about 14`s but it seems the old mans boats have that formula already. just my point of veiw>.
  10. hobie

    Reset Maricat

    have faith in mick who is doing all the work for this association to get it up and running again!
  11. hobie

    Insurance Solution

    yes a big turn up for the maris, thanks to all who sailed this regatta, well done to mark who took the gong! mick got 2nd. hope to see u all back at our next regatta! toukley always loves good hearted sailors!
  12. hobie

    Toukleys brass Monkey

    no probs phil, have asked the big man to .look after us! weather will be good. see all for the monkey!
  13. hobie

    Toukleys brass Monkey

    phill the showers are on and will be hot, and hot soups are pumpkin, chicken noodle and veg, hamburgers, .toasted sandwichs, hot pies and rolls, and breackfast sun, mon morning bacon and egg rolls! spirts wine and beer! hot drinks, cold soft drinks too! any thing else u need phil?
  14. hobie

    Toukleys brass Monkey

    get ready for the brass monkey, as toukley is all set for this regatta! heaps of sponsors, great food and bar will be open! great prizes, lake is full, hot showers,. toukleys famous hospitality, gates open friday! bring your boats, family and friends!!!!!!!!!!!! check t/s/c`s web for NOR! see all on the beach.
  15. hobie

    H18,s v h16,s

    yes maybe whitey would be up for that! darren could replace kersh on the 18`s as he loves getting into heels, and dressing up