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  1. After a meeting with Clarence river yacht club this week the two clubs Big river sailing club and Clarence river yacht clubs are joining force's to stage this November the return of the bridge to bridge on the mighty Clarence river nsw . Only it will be from Grafton to Harwood to coincide with the Big River sailing clubs Bridge to breakers regatta. The program will be a 3 day event with the Grafton to Harwood to be held on a Friday followed by a BBQ and presentation at the big river club after the race Saturday will see the bridge to breakers which is harwood to Iluka and return . Sunday two round the buoy race's followed by presitaion. There will be a free coach from Harwood to Grafton to help transport cars and trailers. More details soon.
  2. Hawky

    Wanted 5.0m catamaran

    I have a 6mth old 4.5 nacra can go one or two up. Very nice boat to sail. Its on Gumtree. The reason Im selling is I want to get a particular 5.8 for my son which is on the market at the moment . I will order another one during the year
  3. Hawky


    So where is the rigging area never sailed there before .
  4. Hawky

    South East QLD Nacra Championships

    all good sorted see you there !!
  5. Hawky

    South East QLD Nacra Championships

    Any 4.5s going and any caravan parks near by??
  6. Bridge to Breakers this weekend! The biggest weekend on the BRSC calendar has arrived, with the Bridge to Breakers Regatta happening this Saturday and Sunday (Nov 16/17). This popular event is open to all classes and the focus is on providing an event that caters for all interests, competitive and social. The expansive grounds that surround the Club are in immaculate condition and there is ample space for people to store boats and camp over the weekend. The format will be much the same as in previous years, with a passage race (Harwood to lluka and return) on the Saturday and shorter races on the Sunday. A fully stocked canteen will operate over the weekend and a reasonably priced evening Saturday meal and Sunday breakfast are available..
  7. Hawky


    Guys our big river club is cleaned ready to go all the mud from the floods has gone . The tide will be running out for the race to Yamba and back, so will be a real challenge.if the wind come,s up.!!
  8. Hawky

    new 4.5

    mate be there enforce in the next regatta in Jan -- Feb My son on his 4.5 and myself on our new Infusion lol
  9. Hawky

    new 4.5

    ok you got me where s mambo lol
  10. all welcome sounds like its going to be a good one
  11. Big River sailing club (near Yamba) annual Bridge to breakers is on the 16 and 17th of November . Camping at the sailing club is available.
  12. Hawky

    new 4.5

    Hey Guys we picked up our son,s new 4.5 nacra and sailed it for the first time yesterday . What a amazing little boat. The attion to detail on the finish is 100% . We just just sold our loved hobie 18 and purchasing Warrens f18 . Once Hobie Family now turned Nacra . Its not hard to see after seeing the Quality product they put out. Cheers
  13. Hawky

    New hulls

    Hi Mate was after a price on new rigged marri a few months ago . But I need to have a chat with you before I continue Cheers
  14. Hawky

    Nacra 5.8 for sale 1655

    Hi Reg sorry have not got back to you we decided to order a new boat cheers mate
  15. Hawky

    Hobie 20 for sale

    I guys my hobie 20 is sold