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  1. hills

    Jib Furler Problems

    Mine will also unfurl straight away if it isn't cleated, I assumed that was normal. Does your top swivel spin freely when under load, perhaps it needs replacing?
  2. And perhaps one of these for when the lake is dry
  3. Hi QB2 Unfortunately you won't be able to get good quality video live to a laptop from from a quad (at least until the technology improves or we're allowed to use much more powerful transmitters). The really good footage you see is the image that is recorded onto the camera and then downloaded later. The image we actually see while we're flying is much poorer quality and constantly breaks up, similar to this (its not me, I just found it - take a look at around the 1min 35 sec mark, the rest is pretty boring): Whereas the recorded image, taken from a camera on a gimbal which keeps the camera level can look like this (again not my footage): Also there are a lot of CASA laws which are difficult and costly to accommodate if done for profit. By far the easiest way to achieve what you want to do would have to be done from the start boat and on board cameras and then downloaded later. Oh BTW what you see at the cricket, requires 3 operators (which costs over $8k to get licensed) and about $30k worth of equipment that also uses the televisions stations transmission licences, so while it can be done at that level would be far to costly for your purposes. But I bet in a few years time that will all change, we're just not quite there yet.
  4. hills

    Is it a Calypso?

    It certainly doesn't look anything like my Calypso 14!
  5. hills

    Not spam again

    Well from my moderators view of this forum it certainly looks as if the latest upgrades have done the trick. Well done Robert, great job!!
  6. hills

    Not spam again

    As a mod, I can only delete posts, you'd have to speak to the administrator about these changes. I'd much prefer to keep this site going, however if it gets too bad, you could always visit the sailing section of seabreeze.com.au, however that's for all forms of sailing, not dedicated to cats like this site.
  7. hills

    Not spam again

    What!?! Are you saying you're not interested in great deals on louis vitton or Nike. Well... I might as well just delete them then!
  8. I have my timer set on 7 minutes which leaves about 20% usable power left in the battery.
  9. Great video!! I've got a quadcopter with gopro camera and FPV kit mounted on it. I'll have to take it to the next race around here and get some footage.
  10. hills

    Victor Harbor Rum Race

    Great pics and video, thanks for sharing!! PS... love the soundtrack!!
  11. hills

    VIC mossie $900-

    Haha! another great site! (I'm an admin over there too )
  12. just shoot me a PM to approve it. The filter on here often automatically moderates posts with URLs in them in case their spam. If you want to refer to a URL in your post and get this warning, just let me know and I'll approve it (assuming your not a spammer, in which case I'll delete it and ban you. )
  13. hills

    20 14ft cats out yesterday at Manno

    Thanks for the offer DrSnapid, shoot NixonJr a private message as he's the forum owner. You'll find what you see on here is probably less than 1% of the spam that gets automatically moderated then has to be reviewed and either deleted or approved. It can be quite time consuming as you definitely don't want to ban any valued contributors. (I hope I haven't done that accidentally so far ) Cheers Phil
  14. hills

    16ft Mosquito advice??

    Lol, there's no need to reply to spam, we'll clean it up as soon as we can