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  1. Ameriaca's Cup Racing Live on Foxsports Two at 10:30pm tonight.
  2. +1 The mast must be way too far forward to be nose diving a caper from experience, i nose dived both hulls to the main beam once after getting new side stays made and not realising they were an inch longer than the originals, scary at first then fun until we got back to shore to change the settings. Ours was at the bottom of the stay adjuster for heavy winds and 1 or 2 from the top for light winds.
  3. symo_007

    Hinged step for Caper Cat

    That pict is from someone else on this site with a system to rig it whilst on a trailer, i couldnt find any other picts of the mast base. We never bothered with anything like that, We just put the beach rollers under the hulls at the rear to give it a slight bow down angle, attached the side stays to the hull points, rested the base of the mast on the open hinge pin/point and walked the mast up from the stern then held tension on the forestay to keep it in place and then tied the forestay to the point on the front cross beam. Dead easy once you get used to it. Just getting up on the tramp from the rear is the tricky part. I could do it solo when 20 and weighed less then 60kg, it just takes practice to keep it in position and the up in a smooth movement, start with someone holding tension on the forestay as you walk it up.
  4. symo_007

    Hinged step for Caper Cat

    If it's the 'new calypso style' on the front beam and mast base will have new fittings that is a bit like a ball and socket joint, the coin / disc goes between them to help stop wear. I guess the theory is to wear out a coin / disc instead of the joint. The 2cents was what we used on our old caper about 10+ years ago, still have some around here somewhere including a 'moulded' one. This is like the newer style, the original caper just had a step peg arrangement. Pict not of my boat, sadly we don't have her any more ( huge regrets for selling it now ) [ATTACH=CONFIG]1195[/ATTACH]
  5. symo_007

    Hinged step for Caper Cat

    It's worth the $$ to upgrade from the old mast peg, the new one makes rigging the Caper single handed a breeze. Just have it facing slightly bow down ( beach rollers are good for that ), attach the side stays to the hull then 'walk' it up from the rear and then tie off the forestay We had the outboard bracket installed so it was a bit easier to get up on the tramp from the rear. They used to suggest a teflon disc for the ball / socket joint but we used 2 cents coins. Very interesting to see the coin change in shape after a days sailing.
  6. 20mm high density foam ?
  7. Despite just purchasing a mirror dinghy, I may be in a position to obtain a Maricat in reasonable condition. What are they like to sail & rig ? Any advice appreciated. ( and any tips on how how to sell this idea to the wife as I already have a 6x4 builders trailer, 13ft canoe and a mirror dinghy in the front yard )
  8. symo_007

    Kula Kat information

    Direct link http://i354.photobucket.com/albums/r426/symo007/Kula-cat_zps07b89801.jpg
  9. @Matt15, Awesome place, great sailing, fishing, camping, 4wd-ing, mountain and road biking. Heaven on earth. There is a camping ground at Boreen and Elanda Point, heaps of houses for rent at Boreen Point, a great pub at the top of the hill and yummy hamburgers from the shop next to the sailing club. We used to camp there as kids in the 80's. Now we stay in a house, lake is 20m from the front door. When I check out of this world i want to be scattered into the lake. @korwich, fortunately this one is almost new and in very good condition, only thing i want to add is an autobailer, having sailed many type of mono's as a teenager i know what u mean.
  10. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adare/sail-boats/14-foot-highly-modified-caper-cat-goes-like-a-cut-cat/1012018251 Check out the picts.........would be a wild ride. 14 foot highly modified caper cat=goes like a cut cat SOLD WITH STANDARD RIG AND FULL RACING RIG NOT A BEGINNERS BOAT 4 JIBS 2 MAIN SALES NEW TRAMPOLINE CENTRE BOARD FITTED FOR RACING MODIFIED RACING RUDDERS SOLD WITH TRAILER 1500 WITH TRAILER OR 1200 WITH OUT TRAILER
  11. The a-hole has relisted them so be warned people. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/pialba/sail-boats/caper-cats-fast-and-fun/1013229624 BTW I did turn to the dark side....... got a Mirror dinghy on the weekend, my 4 year old is over the moon. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1156[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1157[/ATTACH]
  12. symo_007

    Kula Kat information

    I have a copy of 'Catamaran Sailor Test Edition 1982/83 season" which has a review and a bit of info on it. Give me a day or two to scan the Kula Cat page and i'll post it up. Basic Info ----------- LOA 4.3m Beam 2.3m mast length 6.7m boom length 2.45m crew 1-4 adults weight 90kg sail area 10 sq m
  13. Thanks for that, I've seen a few hobie's for sale around Brisbane / Sunshine coast recently for reasonable prices compared to new. I'm not convinced on the long term strength and durability of the roto-moulded plastic. There were some ex tangalooma resort Nacra Sirroco's on ebay recently but they looked a bit abused & battle scarred and didn't come with a trailer.
  14. Nope must be someone else, he just a couple of battle scarred capers and rusted out trailers. No real budget as such, just looking for something to get the kids into sailing that is low maintenance and easy to sail. I had looked at a Nacra 430 and Sirroco and only looked at the caper as i'd had one when i was younger ( wish i'd kept it now ) and loved it. But kids are only 2 and 4 so I am thinking a mirror or heron would be more suitable at the moment as we could join one of the local clubs that sail on the brissy river and take to holidays at lake cootharaba.
  15. Heads up for anyone in South East Queensland / Fraser Coast that might be interested in a caper cat. Save your fuel and don't deal with this person. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/river-heads/sail-boats/caper-cat-14-foot/1010346846# This guy is dishonest, he tried to pass these off as 2 x recently refurbished caper cats and trailers and said they had not been sailed since the hulls were re-sprayed and trailers overhauled. Nothing could be further from the truth, the trailers are in very poor condition and are not registrable in their current state and they have no chassis number , the boats have loose side beams with dodgy worn bolts instead of rivets, hulls faded and have sun / physical damage and the 'current' pictures he provides appear to have been taken back in 2005 when i looked at the file details. I wasted a tank of fuel driving to River Heads ( near hervey bay ) from Brisbane today to check these out only to find the guy had been lying to me via phone and email about the condition of the boats. I feel like such a goose for being tricked by this tool, i thought it sounded too good but after speaking to him on the phone i thought i was talking to someone who could be trusted..............WRONG! At least the next boat i'm looking at is a bit closer to home, 5km, but it is a monohull mirror...........