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  1. Today I was told I have been using an Internet name of another... For this I am sorry . I was told the name beachsailor belonged to someone since the 90's and I had taken it ... This fine man is not only a friend but he lives in the same town as me and sails the same waters as me . We never traded email addresses... He stated he was the original beachsailor in name but admitted I had been beach sailing longer then he.... I have carried the name beachsailor1 for about ten years so I admit he is correct about being the first but I am the #1. I mentioned I would not change the name since my business cards show this name and it is a little different then he... To all Jeff's friends I am sorry for the confusion I may have created but I am sure all that know us will agree he is younger with a fine boat but I am older and a lot better looking. Just a joke ! To this fine man I say again I had no idea of this and truly I am sorry so now let's get back to sailing and enjoying this fine site to discuss much more important things. also I bet there are seveal more of us throughout the world that are cat sailors using this name..but really truly I can't believe in the same town....
  2. Captain Alex

    Matrix 5.5 s are they all gone ?

    Where have all the Matrix 5.5 gone... In 1978/79 a new cat was born in Daytona Beach ... A boat way ahead of its time back then but heavy boats in today's age ....They produced 200 of them but no one even remembers them ..... If you have one or know someone that does give a shout .... If you know of parts or pieces that may be purchased please give a shout or a whole boat would be nice even a big project boat. Any help would be awesome ...Captain Alex