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    Taipan 4.9

    Magnum 21 Trimaran For Sale

    Open to offers

    Magnum 21 Trimaran For Sale

    Price drop, $11000. Keen to sell as I have bought a new boat

    Magnum 21 Trimaran For Sale

    Should have given a price, $12,000.
  4. I moved from a Taipan 4.9 to a trimaran as I had a growing family as the Taipan was to flighty for family outings. Some of you may be in a similar situation. Light and responsive sailing trimaran that is perfect for beach cruising or dinghy type camping. This is a French made trimaran that has over 400 built and is a good club racer/ family dayboat/ coastal raid boat. EU Category C, unsinkable ( all three hulls are foam filled), able to legally carry 6 adults along the coast or 8 adults in smooth waters. It has been club raced last two years and is competitive with Farriers and Wetas. Think of it as a modern incarnation of a Haines / OSTAC. But it weighs 350kg not 600kg. 2005 model with later model beams that allow easier assembly. I regulary single hand this and get it from the trailer to the water in an hour by myself. With pop up tents on the tramps you have a two bedroom cruiser and I have done week long camping trips on the Hawkesbury River. Has also been single-handed around French and Phillip Islands in less than one day. Has a 3 hp Yamaha that has less than 10 hrs. I find the motor is generally left at home as the boat is so good to sail, the motors not needed. If I need propulsion with no wind the boat is easily paddled. Improvements from stock by professional marine engineer : -centerboard reshaped to NACA profile with composite reinforcement - Centreboard slot gasket replaced -rudder reshaped to NACA profile -All running rigging replaced -Mast crutch for single person raising and lowering -Furling Jib - 2nd reef in mainsail Has high quality full roller breakback French made trailer that is hot dipped gal and used primarily in fresh water.Zero rust. Can deliver within 500km of Canberra. Utube Magnum 21or view Yachthub for more info. Regards Jon in Canberra, ACT 0419201133

    Screecher Wanted

    Russ, I have had a few quotes for a new one <$1000. Which seems like a good price but I was hoping I could possibly pick up a cheap second hand one.

    Screecher Wanted

    It's a long shot but I'm after a furling screecher to fit a Virus Boats Magnum 21 Trimaran. Mast length 7.3m

    Hobie 21 Sport Cruiser Questions

    A Windrush 600 is not my style, I would rather have a Farrier. I'm still looking and thinking about various options. I sailed through the Whitsundays today for work on a 16000t ship and wished I was on a beach cat.
  8. Cool waterskiing video. Thanks for the reply. I might try towing but I have my reservations.

    Hobie 21 Sport Cruiser Questions

    A Windy 600 is not my thing, if I were going that way I would have bought a Farrier. I've done a couple of trips around the Whitsundays on my Taipan (first shown in link below) http://catsailor.net/forums/showthread.php?4190-Taipan-4-9-Whitsunday-Islands-Cruise Now I'm sailing with my 7 yr old son, and I'm finding the Taipan is too flighty for him and I don't want to scare him and put him off. I was thinking a 21SC stacked on a trailer with a Maricat would be a good combination of boats. The 21 for days with the family and next camping trip when I had heaps of muscle to drag the beast up the beach. Possibly may go with a NACRA 5.0 but I don't know if I really will be happy with another board less NACRA.
  10. After doing some research into my next beach cat I stumbled across the Hobie 21 Sports Cruiser. How many we're imported into Australia? I'm guessing it would be a limited market here. How much do they go for on the second hand market? Video on the boat at the link below, a pair of modified ones went around cape horn recently. http://www.hobiecat.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=12782
  11. I'm reading a book "beach cruising and coastal camping" by Ida Little. In it they cruise the Bahamas for three years in a Hobie 14 towing a covered Canadian Canoes between camping sites. Has anybody tried this idea? I've done a couple of Whitsunday's trips on a beach cat. I'm think about getting a more relaxed each cat like a Hobie 18 or maybe a NACRA 5.0 with wings. Towing a kayak seems a good way to get more time at the islands without ending up with an overloaded cat.
  12. Will get confirmation in two months time about moving to WA. At this stage just doing my homework, may sell Taipan and buy next boat on the East coast as work pays for transport to WA.
  13. Quinn, Thanks for the heads up on the windrush, yeah it seems like the logical choice and I have seen them in 25kts + and it looks like great fun. It you choose the right conditions to go out in it wouldn't be too scary for a young fella. I want a sail on one though to help firm up my mind, after the Taipan most things are a step backwards and the Taipan is the best looking thing this side of an 'A'. It will be hard to give it up. Clarkie, Thanks for the heads up about the other Taipan, my major concern is I will have too much sail area in WA with a small kid, I currently sail two up cat rig but it doesnt give him too much to do.
  14. Moving to Rockingham WA in Jan 13, currently sail a Taipan but none are sailed in WA so I will probably move classes. At this stage it seems my most likely choices are a Windy 14 or a Hobie 16 (I want to join a solid fleet and will be sailing with my 7 yr old son). Right now both don't really excite but I want to have a sail and try and approach it with an open mind. If you have a foam windy around Mornington area I would like to have a go on it, I can offer an exchange sail on a Taipan. Jon 0419201133

    Melbourne Winter Sailing

    I'm doing the Mordialloc Sailing Winter series which starts in July, it might be better placed for you. Should be a small fleet of Taipans there. I've just moved to Melb for work from NQLD so I'm feelling the cold but it's worth it. In the past I did the Canberra winter series, Melbourne is balmy in comparison. Jon