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  1. ManlyWindrush

    Wrecking a windrush 14

    Hi Matt, Do you still have this or parts of it? How much do you want for the hulls?
  2. ManlyWindrush

    WANTED: W14 Mk2 Hull Set

    Thanks Darcy, much appreciated. That's very helpful. From what I've seen so far, it seems like Windys appear all over the place with a variety of odd repair/modification jobs. What should I use to glue it back in, just an epoxy resin or something else? Sorry, I have no experience with fibreglass repairs whatsoever. Have you ever seen a successful reinforcement of the cross beam to hull joint for a Windy? We've found rough diagrams of potential reinforcements, but I was just wondering if anyone had done it themselves.
  3. ManlyWindrush

    WANTED: W14 Mk2 Hull Set

    Hi Darcy, Thanks for your reply. At this stage, I don't mind if they are not bulkhead hulls. I mistakenly thought the bulkheads would act as reinforcement for where the cross beams connect to the hulls, but I've since been told otherwise. Can anyone confirm this? If all the bulkheads do is reinforce the structure of the hull, I'm not hugely concerned. I guess the main thing I'm looking for now is younger hulls than the ones I've currently got. This shouldn't be hard since mine is an original 1976 Surfcat. Obviously, I want them to have some sort of reinforcement inside the hull. One I looked at recently just had chunks of polystyrene foam floating around inside it and what looked like a failed attempt at using Expanda Foam (big blob of yellow goo gone hard). Does anyone know the "shelf-life" for fibreglass? Someone told me it lasts about 40 years, but another person told me that it never actually properly breaks down. Does anybody have any official info on this?
  4. ManlyWindrush


    Hi Robert, More than happy to help. Great community we have here. Let me know if you need my email address.
  5. ManlyWindrush


    Hi, Is anyone currently moderating this forum? Reason I ask if I've seen quite a few bogus users and posts in the system that are most likely bots. I've had experience setting up and running forum communities before (phpBB format) and I've worked with computers most of my life. If whoever's in charge is interested, I'd be happy to help remove all the unwanted users and spam, as well as provide ongoing maintenance and forum support. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in. Cheers, Luke B 0431 469 960
  6. ManlyWindrush

    Forestay and Jib Rigging???

    JimB: Thanks for pointing that out! I'd never noticed those line before :S darcy1945: I have no idea if it's original or not; it's had at least a couple of owners. The forestays have clips but for some reason, the sidestays have long d-shackles and no clips. I thought it was odd that the sidestays were harder to attach (i.e., while somebody's trying to hold the mast in place) when the forestays just simply clipped on, and I was thinking of buying some clips for it. After perusing the manual, it sounds like all the stays should have clips, which co-incides with your question. Yeah, here's a pic: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1086[/ATTACH] Do I just attach the tweaker lines to the forestays with bowlines? hills: Thanks. That set-up you have looks great, but I don't think I could work that out on my own, unfortunately :S
  7. ManlyWindrush

    Forestay and Jib Rigging???

    Thanks for your reply, hills. How do you manage to raise the mast safely with only the Jib. Do you do that by yourself or with help? Hi Jim, I have a feeling I may be missing some lines. In the manual, after tensioning the Jib, it states: I was wondering what those jam cleats were for. There didn't seem to be any lines for them, and I don't seem to have any tweaker lines. Could this be my problem? I don't really understand where they would go or how they would work, either. Can I just use some 3 or 4 mm Spectra or something? How would I rig that up?
  8. ManlyWindrush

    Forestay and Jib Rigging???

    Okay, so I've looked around a bit and found some posts that contain some information, but can anybody clear this up for me once and for all? My Windy has two forestays and the Jib, which connects at the bow of either hull in the same place as the forestays. Last time I had her rigged up, I noticed that after I tightened the halyard for the Jib, the forestays went slack. I didn't think anything of it at the time but after sailing that day (decent winds and swell), she sustained damage to the starboard hull. I remember the mast banging side-to-side as we went over the waves but again, I thought this was just because of the conditions. The consensus so far from what I've read seems to be that the two forestays are superfluous, and that only the Jib is necessary. This would be fine, except that I use the forestays when I'm raising the mast to keep in place while I attached the sidestays (apologies if any of my terminology is incorrect - I'm still a beginner). So, if I do just use the Jib, how do I keep the mast in place while attaching the sidestays? Do people really just sail with the Jib and no forestays? Also, my Windy is a 1976 original, which would explain the damage to the hulls where the beams connect (no bulkheads), and I'm not sure if it's rigged up the way it's supposed to be. Should the trapeze wire be connected higher or lower on the mast? Should the stays be all connected at the same level or should the forestays be higher and the sidestays be lower?
  9. ManlyWindrush

    WANTED: W14 Mk2 Hull Set

    Thanks JimB. Much appreciated. What are the best times to give you a call?
  10. ManlyWindrush

    WANTED: W14 Mk2 Hull Set

    Hi Darcy, thanks for your reply. Are they just ones you have spare or is that through a shop? Are they bulkhead ones? Has anybody here had to transport parts interstate before? Any ideas/suggestions/recommendations? I had a look at a couple of interstate couriers but they all seem to dislike the dimensions. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. ManlyWindrush

    Windrush 14 For Sale

    Hi Bucko, Any chance this is still for sale?
  12. ManlyWindrush

    windrush 14 parts

    Is any of this still for sale? Particularly, I'm interested in the hulls.
  13. ManlyWindrush

    WANTED: W14 Mk2 Hull Set

    Anyone? I'm in the Manly QLD area.