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  1. Windysailor

    14 hulls strong?

    mk 2 hulls are light and generally faster but the plywood can rot away if not looked after esulting in soft hulls as there is no support. The early windrushes were much heavier but had foam supports running the length of the hulls. Generally very solid, but a bit slower.
  2. Windysailor

    Fun Vids

    Lovely sail on the weekend, and had a drone trailing me! Click here for the vid
  3. Windysailor

    Roller reef code 0 on windrush

    Hey Tony, That's really exciting! I'm very keen to see how it looks and here how it performs. There are at least two of us at our club who are interested in moving in this direction so I'm really interested to see how it works!
  4. Windysailor

    Roller reef code 0 on windrush

    Photos or videos please!! We're looking at setting our windys down here up with kites so i'd love to see how they go. (We are looking at purchasing the kite kits from windrush over winter next year)
  5. The Victorian catamaran champs are on this weekend. http://www.mccraeyc.com.au/index.php/regattas/upcoming-regattas/2016-mccrae-catamaran-championships
  6. Windysailor

    Recovery after capsize

    this post has been removed
  7. Windysailor

    Tramp lacing and tension

    Seatbelt webbing is indestructible stuff. I have had it on now for two seasons and its still going strong
  8. Windysailor

    Rudder slop.

    thats great. I will try that over the winter break
  9. Windysailor

    Windrush 14 hot rod

    In my experience, these things have made a difference.: Make sure the polystyrene is firmly glued in with epoxy to make sure they are good and stiff, its much easier to do using the old hulls. Reduce the flex in the front and back beams by ensuring the bolts a tightly screwed in with a pair of multigrips. If there is still flex pop a strip of seat belt webbing into the section that the seats the beams, and then tighten it up. If its STILL flexy, you can probably put one more bit of webbing in. Ensure your main halyard lets you raise the sail as high as possible to get as much of your square top sail into the wind at the top of the mast. With more sail area up top its worth capitalising by getting the sail as high as you can up the track. Make sure the rudders don't wobble (the bolt through the rudders can open up the hole a little bit over time and they can start to flop about a bit. Also have a little bit of toe in on both rudders. Add trapeze wires! If I think of anything else I'll post it here.
  10. Windysailor

    Windrushrace Sails wanted

    I know its a fair bit of cash.... but getting a new set of sails from Windrush was the best thing I did with the boat. They're fantastic, well designed, make a huge difference to boat speed and look great. I know that doesnt answer your question re: second hand sails, but if you can stock some cash away to buy new ones, they're well worth it.
  11. Windysailor


    Use the thread to add photos of windrush cats sailing
  12. Windysailor

    Fun Vids

    If people have fun vid's of Windys perhaps add them under this topic? Show people how much fun they are!
  13. Windysailor

    Cracking day sailing our windrushs at SGYC

    Here are some more pics, this time of the Australia day racing. Spectacular weather with a good 17 knot southerly. I have posted a link to the entire gallery below.... there are a bunch of us in our windrushes there. Some great Pics by Tim Wilson! The first one is of me thumping along in my MK1 windy with new sails, and another of myself and Pete (he's in the MK2 with old sails) playing out the back of the inlet! Good times! http://sgycinverloch.com.au/wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery/2015%20australia%20day%20weekend/IMG_6234.JPG http://sgycinverloch.com.au/wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery/2015%20australia%20day%20weekend/IMG_6249.JPG http://sgycinverloch.com.au/wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery/2015%20australia%20day%20weekend/IMG_6236.JPG http://sgycinverloch.com.au/wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery/2015%20australia%20day%20weekend/IMG_6270.JPG http://sgycinverloch.com.au/wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery/2015%20australia%20day%20weekend/IMG_6250.JPG Full gallery can be found here http://sgycinverloch.com.au/?page_id=501
  14. Windysailor

    Cracking day sailing our windrushs at SGYC

    I'll talk to the chaps at the club. Paynesville is not that much of a stretch from here. I'll let you know how I get on.
  15. We had a great race at SGYC the other sunday. There are some great pics of the windrush cats that sailed! I should be able to post more the last weekend too. I think its time we beefed up the windrush profile by posting photos of them going full tilt! Post some photos people! Flick through the photos on this page to see them! The second page and page 6-7 have the windrush photos on them! http://sgycinverloch.com.au/?page_id=485 http://sgycinverloch.com.au/wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery/2015%20tarwin%20river%20marathon/IMG_5781.JPG