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  1. esoli2

    H14/16 rigs, rudders and bits, cheap

    hey darcy1945, do you sell the left frame beam (not the bit that goes in the water, just the metal baam above it holding the trampoline)? Also, do you still have any jib's for H14 Turbo? Thanks, Erik
  2. all done, thank you
  3. esoli2

    H14 Jib

    Hey guys, Does anyone might have a spare H14 Jib to sell? Cheers, Erik - 0431094302
  4. esoli2

    H16 h18 jibs

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if a H16 Jib would fit on a H14 turbo? Otherwise, does someone have a H14 Jib to offer? Cheers, Erik - 0431094302